Friday Follies

Hi All!

So I have decided to attempt to create a new Challenge (my first and prob last). I’ve checked all over WP and have not seen anything like it. If there is, let me know and I will save myself some trouble. As someone who appreciates challenges and does as many as I can, in one post, I wanted to see what life was like on the other side. And had you read any of my posts, you know that I prefer not to take anything really serious, as I prefer providing some levity. Which is the purpose and focus of the challenge.

Here is the down and dirty:

1) The challenge will refresh every Friday. So any and all posts for the week should be posted by Thursday 7pm EST. Posts need to be tagged with #profrifollies and create a pingback to the weeks challenge.

2) On Friday morning, the prior weeks entries will be posted for all to see with one entry selected as #FriYayFolly and used as the next episodes featured image.

3) What are you looking for/posting? Great question! Glad you asked. I’m looking for submissions of any kind of sign, flyer, ad etc that you may see posted or printed or whatever/wherever, that would, might or might not, be intentional or unintentionally, a mistake or could be interpreted the wrong way, misspelled, be a double entendre or just outright hilarious. You see them all the time and wish you could have caught it on camera, or cut out and shared with others. They could even be video clips from TV that you happen to caught on DVR.

4) Comments are turned off on the individual weekly post page to allow the Pingbacks easily found.  Should you have any question, suggestion or comment, come back “Home” (this page) and ask here!

5) Here are three that I came across from different genres, just for inspiration. The first is messages outside the local vet who puts the bottom marquee to good use:

The next is a name of a local bread making company. I had never seen the brand before and I just happen to catch a glimpse of it and then took a double take:


The last is a clip of a recent Price is Right with Drew Cary who had a little “slip” when explaining a game (Make sure you can hear!)

So you get it now. I’m not looking for any theme each week, just whatever you happen to come across. Hopefully the end result is a Friday that includes a good deal of levity and laughter! Start collecting now (although I am sure many of you have some already saved), Week 1 will open up Friday October 26 with submissions due in by Thursday November 1! Happy Hunting and thanks for sharing/participating.

67 Replies to “Friday Follies”

    1. Welcome! and, Please! You may want to put it in the current Follie page though. It’s the one pinned to the front page of my blog. Season 4 Episode 2! Can’t wait to see what you share!


    1. Thank you! Of course. In fact that is what the series is all about. Contribute when you can. It’s not easy I Know. I only started when I had enough collected to actually pull it off! So by all means 😁

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    1. I can’t figure it out! I wrote in for help but haven’t heard. I tried lots of things but none are working. Suggestions? It’s driving me crazy. That and these stupid ads that just started showing up.

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  1. Now I’ve clicked the link I realise why you asked me the question! Oh dear, I did go on a bit, but for what it’s worth I don’t find your site untidy, it’s pretty straight forward, I suppose it very much depends on the theme of the site itself.

    Are you planing on using the same challenge question each week?

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    1. I am not sure? My thought was to just run it open, like Cee’s Which Way or Oddball challenge. The structure of your challenge is what I like! I am thinking it would make it too difficult for folks to have to focus on a different challenge, as many of these are ones you tend to just happen upon. My other thought was that leaving the challenge open for only a week, then I could feature a few on the next weeks challenge page. (Hope that makes sense). No pressure, and just a forum to share those things we see that just make you smile, laugh, say “that can’t be right” or “what the heck, did you/I see that right”.

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