Friday Follies Season 3 Premier


Friday Follies – Season 3 Episode 1

Hope you all enjoyed your hiatus! ūüė¨¬†Viewership was down for this episode, which upset the Nielsens a little, but those who came out, brought some really good material. ¬†If you are new to our little adventure,¬†Welcome! If you are a returning viewer Welcome back to ¬†Season 3 Episode 1. ¬†I think I have this finally formatted with what I was hoping. You will also notice a new feature/ link where the wall of fame use to be. ¬†Hopefully it will be active by the time I go to publish, but if not, be sure to stop by and take a look. ¬†It will be entertaining to say the least! ¬†For now I am looking forward to a new season of features, as you all keep running, bumping, stumbling, falling, jumping, diving, walking, driving, hiking, swimming, jogging, flailing, sprinting, banging, dragging, flying into those wonderful signs, messages, labels, screenshots, etc.

On to the Episode:


Click on the caption to read the stories behind the photo, or on the photo to see the larger version. 

Please Note: I really hope I did not miss an entry (but I did, sorry heart) please understand that it was not intentional and that I will be more than happy to add it to this weeks or submit next week, your call!
VJ 31
Susan 31B
Susan pt 1
Susan 31
Susan pt 2
SOB 31
JPP 31
Alice 31

And Now…. (insert drum roll) For the Season 3 Episode 1 #FriYayFolliePro the three returning panel of judges decided that VJ and her watchbird has to be the most intimidating sign they’ve ever laughed at!

Many thanks to those who took in, or on, this weeks episode and even more gratitude and thanks for helping make others find some laughter on a Friday with contributions from viewers like you. We can’t¬†thank you enough! ¬†

Please remember that there is no pressure to “challenge” every week. ¬†¬†You also do not have to submit on Friday. You can submit ANY day of the week.

 So relax and enjoy. Remember it is all about the Pride not Prize! Unless you have a competitive streak to you.

Call for Contributions for Episode 2!…

In case you need a reminder of the guidelines, checkout the series premier HERE. Remember to post it with the tag #profrifollies and create a pingback to this post or simply paste your link in the comments below.  

And now…Here is my preview for Season 3 episode 2…


Some choice options for purchase, even!

Your Turn! Once again, have fun, share a laugh or two! It’s always a great day for a laugh. Can’t wait to see what you have found!

#FriYayFolliePro Hall of Fame

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