Friday Follies – Pilot

FFHeaderSeason 1 – Pilot

For Week Ending November 2 (7:00pm EST)

Welcome to the pilot episode of (there really is no significance to the Season/episode stuff, I just thought it would be a fun way to keep track of the weeks) Friday Follies!

In case you need a reminder of the guidelines, checkout the home page HERE.

In short: During this week if you happen to come across any sign, advertisement, display, short video clip (please no You Tube, they should be caught by you. See example below) record it by any means available and then post it with the tag #profrifollies and make sure to create a pingback to this post! 

Your entry could have been caught anytime in the past.  I have found some in photos I took in years past (I am saving them so I can use them later 😛) So don’t stress.  This is meant to be fun and wide open to interpretation.  If you forget and miss this weeks episode, do it next week, doesn’t matter there is no through story line.  JUST DON’T STRESS (not that anyone does) and have fun!

Every Friday we will post a rerun of the past weeks episode and air the episode for the new week.  (See how the analogy works 😬😂)

Here are two to start off Pilot Week!

The Vet Clinic helped me out again this week (a little blurry, I caught it while on the move):


Sometimes a game show audience member realizes this may be his only chance at 10 seconds of fame (caught on Let’s Make a Deal):

That’s It!  Have fun! And Share a Laugh or Two! We all could always use a laugh. 👻

If anyone happens to have any suggestions on how to simplify, clean up, or expedite the challenge, please feel free to contact me HERE.

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