Friday Follies Ep 1.3


Friday Follies – S1 Ep 3

We have made it to episode 3 of Friday Follies. Viewer Ratings remain consistent, which is very encouraging!

In case you missed it, here is last weeks recap :

Episode 2!


Click on the caption to read the stories behind the photo.

Wooly shares some family secrets
hearttoheart has some questions of their own
Wooly shares some family secrets


calmkate found a trashed iconic film actress
VJ found some irony on the expressway
bushboy’s entry speaks for itself
calmkate found a trashed iconic film actress

And in a very close race the #FriYayFolliePro for episode 2 goes to

– bushboy! (they all were great this week, but this one literally caused a little side splitting)

So many thanks to those who took in, or on, episode 2! There is no pressure to “challenge” again this week.  Remember we are playing for Pride not Prize! But, boy is it fun.

Moving on to Episode 3!

In case you need a reminder of the guidelines, checkout the home page HERE. Remember to post it with the tag #profrifollies and make sure to create a pingback to this post, or use the following URL as your pingback!  

Here is my contribution for the week (I used one planned for this episode for aroused’s fun Friday Foto. So only one this week!)

So a couple of questions. 1 I could see this being an issue, butt really? 😛 2. I didn’t realize this was a problem for people😂 and 3. Is it so bad that we needed a extra strength option? 🤣:

Once again, have fun, share a laugh or two! It’s always a great day for a laugh. Can’t wait to see what you have in store!

49 Replies to “Friday Follies Ep 1.3”

  1. nice round up and I wish I had seen this sooner –
    but how fun
    and I agree that BB had a great one and they all were good.
    I am looking forward to joining in with this regularly because humor is so good for us humans.
    and this is just fun.
    I will be taking a short blog break soon, but will be back after that

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We just started so it’s no big deal. I am not that “known” so you would have to have really looked to find it. But I am glad you did and can’t wait to see what you bring to this little quest! I look forward to your return! 😁

      Liked by 1 person

          1. You both have been listed as persons of interest. I am in the clear. The supermarket is under investigation now. Thanks for the wonderful prize. I shall cherish it with all my other wonderful prizes. It’s going straight to the pool room

            Liked by 1 person

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