Friday Follies Ep 1.7


Friday Follies – S1 Ep 7

Where has the weeks gone?  It is episode 7 of Friday Follies! So many laughs are being had so let’s have another week! I am so happy there are viewers who really are supporting this sitcom.

In case you missed it, here is last weeks recap :

Episode 6!


Click on the caption to read the stories behind the photo.

coffee-sign wide eyed wanderer
Wide-Eyed Wanderer asks Please Don’t
Lost In Transaltion
I.J. Found what many seemed to have lost
Latentyte shares a sign of happiness
Cee's 1.5
Cee’s  3 entries
Cee's 1.5b
offer advice, tips for lawn care
cee's 1.5c
and a bit of confusion
bushboy 1.6
Another You Only Had One Job as provided by Bushboy
woollymuses 1.6
Another honest pub sign provided by woollymuses
sob 1.6
sonofabeach, some are wondering how much it is for a baste job.
VJ 1.6
VJ came across this tough question/warning
heart2heart 1.6
some harsh consequences shared by heart2heart

My biggest fear is that I may have missed an entry.  If this is the case know that it was not intentional and that I will be more than happy to add it to this weeks or use next week, your call!  This is getting incredibly difficult.  Whose idea was this to do the #FriYayFolliePro? Since I started it, guess I have to continue so the (randomly drawn) FYFP for episode 6 goes to the first entry for Latentyte!

So many thanks to those who took in, or on, episode 6! There is no pressure to “challenge” again this week.  And as a reminder, you can submit ANY day of the week.  You do not have to submit on Friday only! So relax and enjoy. Remember we are playing for Pride not Prize! But, boy is it fun.

Moving on to Episode 7!

In case you need a reminder of the guidelines, checkout the home page HERE. Remember to post it with the tag #profrifollies and make sure to create a pingback to this post or pasting your link in the comments below.  I worry that I am missing some out there and would hope you would say so if I did!

And now…Here is my take for the week…


Once again, falling under the category “you only had one job!”


Your Turn! Once again, have fun, share a laugh or two! It’s always a great day for a laugh. Can’t wait to see what you have found!

#FriYayFolliePro Hall of Fame

Episode 5


Episode 4

Heart to Heart

Episode 3

all about life

Episode 2


Pilot Episode


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  1. Well last week I submitted a sign lost in translation. This week I am submitting an advertisement that should have gotten lost. I found it in a book from the library, published in 1908, that I was using for some research. That means this advertisement, from the Seattle Brewing Company – Rainier Beer, is over 110 years old. It was perfect for my WTF? section (What the Foto?).

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