Cider House Blues (Before and After)

Day 293 – October 20, 2018

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Went out to a new Winery/Cidery tonight.  This one sits on top of one of the mountains just to the northwest of Gettysburg.  When I got there the sun was just beginning to sink behind the distant mountains.  It was the perfect time to arrive and take in the absolutely stunning landscape.  The tasting room is situated in the middle of a panoramic building, with breathtaking views that encapsulate you.  I think it actually makes the wines and ciders taste better! There was a band playing tonight, which was a bonus.  I never really realized how much many of the wineries put into their businesses 4 – 5 nights a week.  So many of these places host music, some kind of activity, food and or food trucks, every weekend.  I am sure they have their following, but I guess I just never realized the allure.  As I scan through the many different locations within an hours drive, and there are many, it just blows my mind that this is a thing and that it took me so long to become aware of them.  As I left, the sun had sunk and some pretty fierce storm clouds began to roll in.  I did my best to capture the view, as it had a very ominous feeling, but the camera could only capture so much. I included a few other photos to try and capture some of the view.  I know I will have to return and bring my 7D with me, because with views this big, I will need a bigger camera.  Hope you had a great Saturday and your Sunday will be even better!  If you didn’t happen to catch the “news” follow this link to check it out!

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14 Replies to “Cider House Blues (Before and After)”

  1. These evening pictures are lovely. I love those kind of nights out, haven’t done one of those in ages. Maybe it’s time I did, you can’t beat a live band.


    1. I highly recommend it. I haven’t done that either in quite some time. Realizing how close I am to the many wineries. They are so relaxing with the entertainment ,and many of them in a beautiful area, stunning locations, etc. It really gives the sense of an exclusive club, when in fact it’s quite the opposite. The food is exactly what you would want for tastings just as long as you know ahead that they have food, if not I haven’t been to one where they don’t allow you to bring your own.

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