Food, Glorious Food

Day 234 – August 22, 2019

Dinner – A Photo a Week / Which Way Photo / Kammie’s Oddball / Written – FOWC / Pebble – RDP / Zone – WODC

Went overseas for dinner tonight, Bangers and Mash and Shepherds Pie.  Not real authentic but it was super close. At least I think it was.  I’ve never been over there so I have to take, what was written in, the menus word for it. I am not to worried though, it had the desired effect.  That food coma zone.  Good Night! 😛

A shot from the other day for Which Way Photo and “pebble”.

Look Who I Found

Truth Be Told

Friends Forever

18 Replies to “Food, Glorious Food”

  1. Shepherd’s pie in the UK does not have pastry. Shepherd’s pie traditionally has a minced lamb (ground) base and a mashed potato topping. Cottage pie has a minced beef (ground) beef base. Your picture is what we would call steak pie.

    I think Beach Boy may have eaten in the wrong places and missed out on some delicious food, we have some great restaurants over here. Though I must say I love fish and chips as a treat, despite the high fat and calorie count.

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    1. I did not know that. I knew the thing with mashed potatoes because that is how I make it, and I am not sure why they went with a crust , it did have lamb and there were potatoes just not mashed. I didn’t order it 😉 I am all about the bangers 😁

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      1. Ah, boiled potatoes in a pie with a crust- We would call that a meat and potato pie. I love those.
        Another of our bloggers likes me to tell her the names of what is essentially the same food and today it was the turn of Candy Floss which is our name for Cotton Candy! I find it fascinating hearing and seeing the differences, 🙂

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          1. Named long before Dental floss was invented and apparently after the silky stuff covering the silkworm’s cocoon!

            I’m surprised it was named Candy because that’s not a word used here, we say sweets for candy! And sweet shop for those small old fashioned shops dedicated to selling nothing else but chocolate and jars of sweets (candy).

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