(Just like) Starting Over

In person instruction. Making masks.

Back to song titles. This was first song I heard this morning, so I had to use it.

I started my 3rd year (27th total) teaching in my new school and yet I have not completed a full year teaching at that school yet. My first year I came in 2nd term, my second year we stopped coming in March and then this year, well…. We started the year virtually and while the challenges were plentiful, it actually went a lot smoother than I anticipated. Sometime at the end of September we began a pseudo hybrid where I get ½ my kids in each class once a week so technically I have 2-3 kids twice a week. It’s complicated but at least I know twice a week I get a to see a couple of kids in my class. Honestly though, I don’t think it’s very effective and I would just prefer to stay all virtual. My kids are actually excelling, virtually, and I haven’t had that many issues. I think this is one of those times where I am happy to be teaching graphic design/photography instead of theatre. I also have embraced Adobe a bit more and am not as “afraid” of it as I was when I started. Even though they update their software more than Apple which gets to be frustrating. They sent us home March 10 and we weren’t allowed back, at all, the rest of the year, which wasn’t cool, so when I had the option to come in this year and teach from my classroom, I jumped on it. I do stay home Wednesdays, just because my classes are super short and I tend to take that day to recharge. But I do find I get so much more work done at school and can focus easier. Plus I have immediate access to whatever I need for the day. Not sure why I’m sharing this, maybe because I don’t really talk to anyone during the week and don’t really talk about school stuff and just need to vent… I mean share 🥴. Plus it’s what’s consuming most of my life at this time and has ever since I went on my WP hiatus.

Flight Control

So that is what I am doing… Make the most of it. This is my daily setup. Sometimes I feel like an air traffic controller, complete with the mental instability. But then, other times, in complete control so it’s a pretty good weekly ride of highs and lows. And that makes for a pretty good week.

8 Replies to “(Just like) Starting Over”

  1. Kids are back in school in the UK but many restrictions in place. For the older ones Study time is now taken at home. No loitering or socialising in school. One way walking systems in place. Kids are in Class bubbles and no mixing out of it. It’s working well, but occasionally, someone gets covid so the bubbble isolates at home for two weeks. Virtual learning takes over. They are not spreading it between themselves so really school is the best place for them.

    The infections were high amongst students when the universities recommenced back in September but now they’re being tested before being allowed home for Christmas.

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    1. That is crazy. I don’t think I am quite ready For the full load of kids. It’s not the kids I worry about, it’s me. With my past cancer, I am high risk and so I am extra cautious. I am not sure what I would do if there was a case in my class. let alone school.I have told my system, that I will be the first out the door if there is a case in the school. Just some really strange times.

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    1. Hey there! So glad to hear from you! Definitely missed staying in touch. There have been times where I have wished I had the opportunity to have that option, but that time will be here before I know it. At least it keeps things fresh.

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