Give Me Novacaine

I have a small confession to make. My first two posts were written while I was waiting in the chiropractors office for an adjustment. So as I sit here tonight, in the same office awaiting an adjustment, I decided I should share that tidbit of info with you. Not that it is important. Although I do find it a bit cathartic that I used the time I am waiting, hopefully to find some pain relief, to open and purge some of the pain I have felt, mentally, by not keeping up with the blog and, more so, you my dear blogfriends. What really never became a pain in the ass, is exactly why I sit where I, so uncomfortably, sit. It is quite ironic that the more I think about it, how the two have worked out. You see last year, when I decided to take off, it was Thanksgiving week. This year, during the same week, I guess I did something to my back which is why my sciatica is pretty damned angry. So the figurative pain in the ass has given way to a literal pain in the ass. Not sure if any of you have dealt with the literal, but I cannot find relief, at all. As I said , it started the Wednesday before TDay and continues through now. I have tried everything. Stretching, Yoga, massage, TENS, creams, walking, oils, ice, patches, ‘Roids, braces, Ibu, Naproxen, Hemp, and, of course Chiro. My FSA has been on fire. And while I have, finally, managed to sleep most of the night, once I wake up, it is up and it will not let me go back to sleep. It’s a strange injury. With it’s origin really unknown, it shoots all the way down the leg into the ankle and these last couple of days it has felt like my foot has one of those nasty cramps in the arch, which is what brought me back to Chiro tonight. The Doc says it’s the body’s defense and coping mechanisms, adjusting to counter the sciatics attack. I am beginning to think it maybe more. Like my body’s payback on all the damage I did to it all those years ago through sports and other rough play. I guess the one good thing is that it did finally get me off my ass and get me writing again.

The photo I posted is one I took quickly this morning. It isn’t the best of qualities as I shot it out the window which had a screen in it, but I really wanted to capture it and share it. It’s a pretty young deer sheltering under our trampoline out back. It is hunting season so if he is using it as camo, I’d say he’s one bright buck.

14 Replies to “Give Me Novacaine”

    1. Thank you so much. I’m so sorry. I did not intend to run off like that. I just couldn’t open WP back up. I can’t even explain. But I am so happy to be back and to try and catch up with you and everyone else!!

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  1. Sorry about the pain! I once hyperextended my knee stretching before getting out of bed. Being awake can be dangerous. I hope you find relief! Also, glad you came back to the blog!

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    1. Thanks Tara. So good to hear from you. I’m relieved. I didn’t think people would actually remember me or really care enough to keep following me but I am so glad you did. It’s been a real nice uplift, mentally.
      On the other hand, It is a literal pain the ass. Actually rolling in the snow today has really helped. At least I haven’t had to use my ice packs 😛

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  2. Love the image! Of the deer not the buttocks!

    i sympathise I have had siatica on and off for and many years. releasing the trapped nerve with stretching exercise helps me a little. Two of my kids have it too as did my mother.

    Right now I am okay but a couple of weeks back I could hardly move when in bed. I’m resigned to it now, i know that every few weeks it will return. But I am older than you so I expect this kind of thing.
    I’m sure it will ease off soon, take care Jason, hope the pain fades soon. 🙂

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    1. I was gonna say a pic of my buttocks prob wouldn’t be all that. 😛 Thank you for the concern. It doesn’t take much to have the body revolt. Or we just feel it a lot more as we get older. Whatever it is, I don’t like it 😬❤️

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  3. Last year I the most horrendous back pain, down the leg. I eventually had an ultrasound and turns out I had a torn buttock muscle. my gluteus maximus just by twisting while cleaning a swimming pool. Time, rest ( well I mean “active” rest) and ibuprofen was the only way.
    Totally shit way to be so hoping for a quick recovery using whatever you have to

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    1. Tore the buttock. Shit way! 😂🤣Nice. God I hope that’s not the case. It actually feels better when I am moving which I guess is what you meant by active rest 😛. Thanks for the support! And the pun!!

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