Signal To Noise

Day 72 – March 13, 2019

Fairness – Weekly Prompts Word / Go With Heart – Weekly Quote Inspired / WiFi – FOWC / Delate – RDP / Pledge – WODC / Day 13 – Spiky Monthly Squares

This had to be one of the toughest prompt days in 437 straight days.  In all fairness it probably is just me.  Either way I just spent the last 5 hours laboring over so many photos taken today hoping that something, anything would jump out at me.  I focused on the words in an attempt to piece something together and, yes, I could have just focused on just one word but then I have been doing this so long that it just wouldn’t feel right. And, while I know it is ridiculous, I don’t want to upset the balance nor do I want to be delated of favoritism.  So I went with my heart and challenged myself by taking on the collection. In fact, I actually ended up focusing on WiFi and spiky squares.  I took some photos, in town, on my way home of the old aerial antennas because of the number of spiky looking ends. But then my mind, as it normally does, went to wondering what it would be like if that was how we had to receive our wifi signal.  And I could see people, especially at the end of tax season, in a last minute rush to submit their returns before midnight, on their roof, with tin foil, attempting to strengthen the signal in order to upload the forms in time.  Or worse, at the end of an intense movie on Netflix, when the buffering circle started making it’s endless rotation and the desperate attempt to strengthen that signal.  You get the idea.  Now I am asking myself “how old are you?” while thinking to myself how ridiculous this must sound and so I pledge not to let my imagination get away from me again.  At least until morning. Oh, I almost forgot, the open photo that has nothing to do at all with anything, unless you dig really really deep, is this beautiful wood carving out of an old trunk of a tree that once stood there.  I was so blown away by the detail that I had to manage a photo.  It is not the best, but it serves as a reminder (lord knows I need reminders) to stop sometime in the future and get a much better shot.

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8 Replies to “Signal To Noise”

  1. So glad you snapped the tree . . . . and looking forward to seeing more when you have more time 😉

    and fabulous spiky squares today, I had aerials too yesterday, mine were not as impressive as yours and there were less wires too. What is it about the USA and overground wires?!

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    1. I don’t know. I honestly think they would have saved so much money if they put them underground. They’d be easier to get to, trees wouldn’t fall on them, and they wouldn’t ruin beautiful pictures!


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