Life In A Northern Town


Day 73 – March 14, 2019

City/townscape – A Photo a Week / Which Way Challenge / Kammie’s Oddball / Power – FOWC / Thaw – RDP / Justice – WODC / Day 14 – Spiky Monthly Squares

Welcome to a trip through one of the towns I drive through every day on my way to and from work.  On this 70 degree, thaw producing, glorious day, with my power windows and sunroof open, I took a leisurely drive through town, capturing new shots of old subjects.  I think I am really at a place where I need to spend more time with my better camera as the cameras I am using just rent doing the views justice.  But I will not complain.  The featured photo is a shot of a space in between two buildings which opens up to the church in the background.  I really thought how the trees framed the bell tower was eye catching.  The white picket, spiky, fence was just what was needed to justify this shot.  Below I have a short series featuring the townscape.  The sign is on the edge of town which sits in front of the National Firefighter’s Academy and the home of FEMA.  As you continue to drive, you end up at the town square.  The VFW building sits, majestically, like a lookout tower, on one of the corners. A turn in either direction at the square, takes you through the center of town riding along Main Street.  It is a very small, quaint little town, rich in history as it is known to be one of the more important staging areas during the battle of Gettysburg.  With a University on the edge of town and both the Academy and the Mother Elizabeth Seaton shrine within the town limits, for a little town it boasts some pretty big residents.  That’s probably why I don’t live here.

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22 Replies to “Life In A Northern Town”

  1. I know how this feels….the post winter air, a quaint, clean as a whistle town.

    I’ve had the Dream Academy’s song of the same name on my mind today. When I saw the title of your blog I felt compelled to read it. Glad I did. When interesting coincidences happen (contrary to what my ex-psychologist boyfriend firmly believed), it’s like the universe is telling you something. Not sure what that is, but it’s happened so often lately: if I think about a song or a movie, then I hear or see it hours later, that’s GOT to mean something, right????

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Most definitely. It is really crazy, especially on here, how you are drawn, or brought together with people. Especially when you consider how many people have blogs. So when you find someone you have to believe its for a reason. And sometimes the reasons reveal themselves and sometimes they still have yet to be uncovered. But the people that end up sharing conversations and more “beyond the post” are the ones you find enforced, pure friendship with no expectations or pretenses. (I am NOT a psychologist 😛. A counselor yes, but do not hold that against me! 😬) I value all of you that take the time to share a part of your day with me. It’s amazing. Thank you so much for sharing, taking the time to respond. It means something, not sure what, but it would/will be fun to find out. 😊


      1. I’m surprised you try and keep count. But I love how this challenge has taken off from when I started. It’s really awesome to see a community of squares, like me, be built.


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