Lost In The Supermarket


Day 56 (421) – February 25, 2019

Story – VJ’s Weekly / Reverse – FOWC / Needle – RDP / Act – WODC

One of those Monday’s that I am glad to have trudged through. It’s sad when even I comment that I am not acting like myself.  I am not sure what’s happening but some of these days stir up some negative energy that becomes harder to reverse.  And I feel like I do a pretty good job of finding that silver lining. Oh well, not much to do about it now, and dwelling on it never helps so… I was talking to a fellow blogger about people watching.  When I taught acting, I would assign my students to create a piece from a story they create from observing in a public place.  My fail safe’s would always be malls, grocery stores, Wal-mart, or a family type restaurant. They would need to write out their observation and work out a story based on what they witnessed. (I did tell them to be discreet, some people may find it stalkery 😛) The beauty in the pieces was how organic the process was.  The stories they created and, eventually, performed were based in honesty and truth, because they had a visual to back up the story they created.  During my trip to the grocery today, I was reminded of the conversation I had and the project I would assign, and it was scenes like this that reminded me of where a little imagination could lead you.

Look What I Found

Taking That Step

11 Replies to “Lost In The Supermarket”

  1. First, I looked at the lady in the photograph and noticed her extra skinny legs, normally legs this thin belong to a scrawny early teen. Then I noticed she appears to be wearing her left shoe back to front!
    Definitely a story to be had here!

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  2. Oh, I remember this exercise from my high school drama days. I played a version of it with my kids (when they were young and still lived at home.) When stuck in traffic, we would take turns making up stories about the people in other cars. Hilarious. I think they still play it.

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