Mission Bell


Day 55 (420) – February 24, 2019

High – Sunday Stills / Movement – One Word Sunday / Ecstatic – FOWC / Rock – RDP / Guess – WODC

The wind has been blowin’ non-stop for the last couple of hours averaging 25 mph with gusts rocking at 63mph.  And they say this isn’t the worst of it.  That is to come after midnight.  I am figuring since lights are flickering now, there is a good chance we are going to lose power tonight.  I hope not, we’ve been through worse and kept the electric flowing.  So who knows.  I say this because I have been trying to find a way to photograph this in response to the two weekly challenge prompts.  But nope.  So while out to pick up a couple of things, I had walked passed a church at the same time the bell started to ring.  I looked up and knew that if I could capture it on a swing I might have what I wanted.  I am not sure if it reads, but the bell is mid-tilt, so I am ecstatic.Who would have guessed I could have caught a break on a night like this.  Someone must be looking down on me. 😛

Look What I Found

Walking the Social Media Tightrope

Chuck Wagon Recap

(my title for my requested😉 home delivery meal service review/comparison, not bad huh?) Feel free to skip if you have no interest in this 

I received 2 boxes this week and wanted to give you a side by side comparison.  Specifics are on their way.  This is just in review of the packaging of the two and the overall quality of the ingredients.  Individual meals will be reviewed later.

Top – Home Chef (HC) $$$ – This was the service that started this mess.  Pros- At this point it is my favorite, with the best and widest selection, fresh, well-proportioned ingredients where extras can be used later. Packaging is clear and bundled appropriately.  Recipe cards well laid out and one of the easier to follow. Negatives – Actual packaging is not as recycle friendly as others. Cost is in the top tier.

Bottom – Hello Fresh (HF) $$$ – This is actually the first box I have received from them. Packaging is very similar to Home Chef.  Same insulation material and ice pack as HC. Individual meal packs are packaged in recycled friendly paper bags.  Individual ingredients not all individually wrapped.  Some items are already prepped.  Recipe cards formatted and a bit easier to follow.  More on cards and specifics later. Vegetables and fruits are pretty fresh although the zucchini had a rot/bruised area.  Didn’t make it bad, just caught me by surprised and I was able to cut it out as it didn’t get too deep.

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  1. Never used recipe boxes. Regarding e-mails. If I view the comments section via the dashboard and not the App everyone’s e-mail addresses are alongside. This is very useful at Christmastime and other occasions because it allows me send Holiday greeting cards to my online friends.

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