Taking The Wheel

Day 340 – December 6, 2018

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My truck hasn’t been doing so well lately.  In short, the truck has no power and is showing signs of putrescence.  Well it has power, I can drive it, I just have no power to get up the hills.  This really isn’t an issue where I work.  I can get around just fine.  But knowing where I live (in the mountains),  the trip to work and back home pose a little problem.  At first I thought it was my transmission that blew. But the instructor for the auto mechanic program at the school ruled that out.  He isolated the problem to be the catalytic converter, that may be clogged, or just bad, that is the culprit.  Basically it is like having your tailpipe clogged.  The car can’t breathe, so it’s not getting the fuel necessary to get up hills, when you step on the gas.  So imagine cruising along at highway speeds (70-75 mph or 112.7 – 120.7 kmh for those friends who cruise in kilometers), only to find yourself “pedal to the metal”, as they say, dropping to 40 mph or 64.4  kmh while everyone you just passed is now flying by you. Not to mention the line of vehicles behind you triggering, what will soon erupt into, road rage.  If I was driving a Fred Flinstone car I would be moving faster. But as soon as I reach flat ground I pick up speed again and those jerks who flew past, seemingly thumbing their nose at me, watch as I return the favor.  Now who has the road rage 😬  I digress, on to the point of my post.  I took my truck in to a Honda service center so that they could take care of my little problem, attend to a recall and finish up with some maintenance work.  While I was waiting to get a rental, I have no idea how long this will take, I sat in the waiting room.  On the floor was the relic I am featuring above.  Now, my truck is in rough shape, but after seeing this I feel a lot better about it.  I am sure it is a collectors piece, lord knows you can’t drive it, just look at the dashboard and steering wheel.  Yet there was something that I found really fascinating.  Perhaps it was because it was next to the Christmas tree, or the fireplace (cropped out for December squares) or the vibrant orange paint job.  Or maybe it is because during the time waiting I imagined what Santa must have been thinking when he had to deliver it. I am not sure, I just know that the time I had to wait was filled by taking in the car.  In any case, I ended up getting my rental, a 20?? Odyssey also affectionally known as the “Soccer Dad” car, that may just be in a little bit better shape than the little orange car.  Wish me luck on the way back down! Have a fantastic Friday. Take the wheel of your best impulse, that selfless impulse and let it drive you toward the person you dreamed you’d be.

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