Yesterday Once More

Reindeer Games (July 2020)

I do not know why it took so long to get back to this. It’s not like I am so totally time consumed that there just isn’t any time for me to write. I hate that about myself and it is something that I really need to figure out. Perhaps a good task for the new year? So continuing on with my very condensed version of the year in review July was once again a very quiet month, filled with puppy training, dog walks, kayaking and paddle board and golf. Not too terrible if you think about it. We also, finally, got our new roof. As documented a couple of years ago with some dramatic videos (Hope to insert link HERE) our insurance company finally agreed that Mother Nature had, in fact, wreaked enough havoc to justify them covering the cost. 5 months later, we no longer have built in water falls, indoor wading pools, or socking wet feet!

Now You See Me

August 2020. See July, sans the new roof. Although towards the end of the month the school district finally decided on what course to take in regards to reopening. So much of the end of the month was focused on preparing for the new school year. Up until then, Gryffin became a true water dog. It was a pretty hot summer so it was the best way to really keep cool. He was also a huge fan of the mister I installed on the patio umbrella. Visit his Instagram to see much more of his water adventures. Couldn’t really keep him out of the pool, whether it was full or not. I did manage to get him to swim in the lake after a couple of tries, but he wasn’t really a fan of big water swimming. I am hoping that changes. Of course Anastasia, being the Husky she is, was really over it pretty early on.

Serving It Up

September 2020 One of the other pleasant surprises of the summer shut down was that we actually had options when it came to food as the very few restaurants close by started delivering. I am not sure why it took so long to discover this amazing service. Safe to say, I was a very active and supportive contributor to the helping small businesses initiative. September also saw the house become a true empty nest as our recent college grad headed to Denver, Colorado, to start his Masters program. All 3 of the kids are now spread out over the states, with 1 in Chicago, 1 in Denver and 1 in Dallas. Not sure what we did but it kind of is a little sobering to know that your kids don’t want to be anywhere near you. I know, I know, let me feel sorry for myself a little, but inside I am super proud of them and know that for them to be as independent as they are and self supportive is a huge deal. Of course, I still love to cook, as evident with last years reviews of home food delivery services. And most meals, like the one above, were actually cooked with my hands. Another great break from the monotony of quarantining.

Another Brick In The Wall

October 2020. This is my “new classroom”. In October, my school was one of the first to allow students in on a rotating ‘Hybrid” trial basis. Even though I only had one or 2 kids a day, for about 2 hours, I have to admit, I do miss having the kids in class. For my subject specifically, so much is based on hands on work, so not having to try and demonstrate virtually and having kids work with equipment with their hands, really helped drive home things I was trying to get across through the computer. I also have to say that once we do return to normal, the adjustment may not be as easy as they say. I absolutely love the schedule I have now, especially with Wednesdays being a work from home day. It breaks up the week and kind of gives you a mid week refresher. Would be nice carry-over that I do not think that anyone in the county’s administration would approve.

FORE the Last Time

November 2020. This is one of the scenes that drove my quarantine and made it much more bearable. A colleague and myself found comfort in swinging the clubs on the golf course. We managed to to play very regularly about twice a week and even played up until the last day in November. We are always ready if the weather ever provides an opportunity to get out. I am one that really hates playing when its cold so if it is too cold to wear shorts and a short sleeved shirt from start to finish, I kind of would rather save my money and play when it is. Why play a game that can make you feel miserable at any second when you already feel miserable? Thanksgiving was the first major holiday without the kids, so eating dinner with them on a Zoom call was quite entertaining. Really hope that that does not become the new normal!


December 2020. Like most people 2020 could not end soon enough. At the same time, I feel very fortunate that the immediate family stayed healthy, and for the most part healthy. With my previous health issues, I have been extremely careful when it comes to any possibility of exposure. I guess there is a reason I live where I do isolated, Of course what does that say when 2 das ago m daughter ends up testing positive. This after spending the holidays with her brothers. I mean c’mon 2021, seriously? So far she has minor symptoms, and the boys exhibit no signs. Both swear that they probably have already had it at some point. My brother and sister also had it, as it made its way through their families and, yet, have managed to hold it at bay. So while it has hit very close to home, I am still very grateful that it hasn’t hit as hard as it has in a lot of other families. But here we are, 2021 shows a lot of promise and I wish you and yours the best, happy, healthy, and safe New Year!

5 Replies to “Yesterday Once More”

  1. My brother’s entire family in Florida has gone through it. Thankfully all are just fine. Most of our kids have been exposed but none got sick save for one daughter in law. My youngest brothers youngest daughter (college age) got it and recovered. Now, my middle brother, daughter, wife, ex wife, all in Arkansas, as well as a niece in Bentonville, are all going through it bit recovering nicely. One of my nieces from Florida had been exposed but felt fine so she went to visit my mother in Arkansas. The day she left, she began feeling bad and sure enough, tested positive! My mother, who is mid 70’s and has COPD and on oxygen, is running low grade fever, achy and tested positive! She did not let it ruin her birthday, all mild symptoms, not effecting her lungs and doing very well.
    There are even more family members who are going through it right now in Arkansas as well but in all, all are either mild symptoms or terribly ill for just a short period then over it.
    Clay & I, dispite living where we never really shut down, the typical 4.7 million vacationers that visit our area, soared to over 13 million, flooding our area and continued visits from those who sought to self distance or quarantined here with us…..have not been sick at all. Very little had changed in our daily life here. We shopped and ate out, without masks. We were not even asked to by businesses but for a period of about 4 weeks in late fall and have removed the request since. We swam, fished, went boating, hiking, rebuilt and painted our decks and dock. We’ve felt blessed through it all.
    I’m so glad you’ve gone through this time well. Praying for your daughter in hope that she’ll coast through it with ease and swiftly.

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    1. So far so good! It has been one heck of a week though. Time just flies lately. I cannot believe we are half way through school already. Have no idea where the days go and how we even got here. Ally is still testing positive, but as she said yesterday, now that she’s had it she is ready to come home to see us which will be nice. Do miss her a lot. Since Mary and I are teachers we are scheduled to get vaccine in the next week or so which I am kind of looking forward to so that I can put that behind me. I am a big mask person, kind of have to be in the school. The boys seem to have shaken it off. They both quarantined when they got back to their homes so they feel pretty good the rest of the fam who have had it seem to all be doing ok. Haven’t heard anything otherwise. Just keep praying my parents either stay safe or are able to get vaccine before too long!
      What I wouldn’t do to live on a lake/body of water, with a dock/deck. Tourists or not. One day! Love hearing from you. So support for the delay!


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