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Happy New Year, to all you amazing bloggists!! May you find peace, love, health, and happiness this year. Because I disappeared for over a year and because it’s New Year’s Day, I thought it’d be fun to do a quick year in review with pictures, because it’s just more fun to look at photos than reading about the lost year. So without further ado, here is one photo (or two) for each month along with a quick summary.

January at first sight

January 2020. For as bad as 2020 would become, January started very quiet. After teaching for well over 20 years, I’ve come to know allot of students, even so it still is pretty exciting when you see one on TV, featured on a weekly basis. Even more so when it’s on a reality TV series like Married at First Sight. Knowing her as well as I did, made for even a more enjoyable, although due to nature of show at times uncomfortable, watching experience. She even still kept the same number so imagine my surprise when she picked up the phone when I called to congratulate her and catch up!

Reality to Real
New Brother for Anastasia
Pick of the Litter

February 2020. From reality TV to real life, the couple I managed to take photos of the proposal that I shared with you all last year, was completed with their wedding. But the bigger event, for our family, was the addition of Anastasia’s new brother, Gryffin. One of a large litter, it took a good amount of time for me to pick him, or Vice versa, but judging on how he is now, couldn’t be more sure I got the right one.

Early Dismissal
Empty Shelves and empty Aisles

March 2020. How were we to know that this would end up being the last day of school. What was thought to be just a 2 week “snow day” would wind up reimagining the face of education. Looking back, I really don’t know how we did it, but somehow we did. And it wasn’t terrible. At least for my classes. Even more shocking was what I found at the grocery the very next day. Also changed the face of grocery shopping as we knew it.

Daily Walks

April 2020. April really didn’t bring any thing out of the ordinary. Thanks to the pandemic, I think I was very lucky to have got Gryffin when I did. Not only did we not have to leave him alone much, I also got to spend a-lot of time training him which has really shown. He has to be one of the most obedient pups I’ve ever had. Although he is still prone to puppy tendencies, overall couldn’t be happier with him.

Virtual Grad
Ivy Graduate

May 2020. After 4 years, much of which I wrote about, my middle boy graduated from UPenn thrusting him into the Covid working world with a degree and no jobs. Still it was the hit of the month, along with the private concert by UPenn grad John Legend, as trying to complete the “virtual” school year hit some snags but we kept battling through.

Row Row Row Your Boat

June 2020. Another month of “Quarantine” meant another month of isolation, boredom and restlessness. Determined not to succumb to the blues, I started playing golf regularly and bought a standup paddle board and added a kayak for Father’s Day. I don’t know why I never connected the fact that I have 3 smallish lakes no more than 5 minutes from the house, but combined with my love of the water life, I cannot figure why I never thought about doing this sooner. So many days were spent on the water where I was able to spend much time floating around listening to some music and catching the vitamin D. Most other days, working on my never improving golf game.

To be continued….

11 Replies to “Yesterday”

  1. Happy new year! I didn’t take many photos in 2020. Yours of the empty shelves reminded me just how bad March and April were at the store. I would love to live near water. Lucky man!

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    1. Yes she really is. Her segments really left a bitter taste, feel really bad for her, but kind of had the feeling with him anyway. 😛 The awesome thing with her was what you saw was really her. It wasn’t an act. I liked that about that show, though she did say a couple of times to me, don’t believe everything you saw. They edited things to create more “drama” which of course they did. She did say that she did become friends with the others as well, and they are just as true to themself.

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  2. This is fascinating!

    I was working on a 2020 video retrospective for the city I work for and it momentarily overwhelmed me seeing everything that has happened this year.

    But we’re still here, so that’s good!

    Congrats on your son graduating.

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