Turning A New Leaf

Day 304 – October 31, 2019 Happy Halloween!

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This has to be the quintessential fall moment.  There always seems to be that storm that knocks the majority of the leaves from the trees and completely covers the roads in leaves.  We are getting that storm.  Temperatures hit 75 degrees (24 c) today, and are still at about 70 now, but in less than 3 hours a cold front will hurry in and temps are dropping to 32 (0 c), which is what will greet me on my way to work.  It’s like Mother Nature opened that secret door to winter and that cold air is flowing right on in.  I just spent about 30 minutes looking for an adage that would relate to this, but I could not find anything.

Look Who I Found

Finding a Voice

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    1. PS Thank you for being such an amazing square contributor. Really hope you can join us in January even if you are pondering turning a new leaf of no daily shots next year

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      1. Oh no. Squares will always be a thing!! Depending on what I do I might to a post every couple of days and include pictures I took over those days I didn’t post. But your welcome! Besides maybe posting every day every 3 months wouldn’t be a bad trade off!


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