Digging In The Dirt


Day 303 – October 30, 2019

Decay – Weekly Quotation Inspired / Halloween – Weekly Prompts Word / Solve – FOWC / Glean – RDP / Screech – WODC / Day 30 – October Lined Squares

I dug a hole today.  Exciting, I KNOW!!!! I wasn’t doing it to make a hole to jump out of and scare kids on Halloween, although… It is a pretty big hole, and deep.  The lid you see with the handle happens to be the clean out hatch for the septic tank.  On of the glorious maintenance items that need to get done is the pumping of the tank.  Fortunately it only has to happen once every 3 years or so, and now with the kids gone it can probably go much longer as there will be much less waste and more time for the active bacteria to make decay of the waste.  Sorry not a pleasant subject but I had to squeeze decay in there.  I forgot about the electric lines running past which almost brought things to a screeching halt, but thankfully I missed them on a down swing.  Thankfully I have gleaned from past excavations methods that help solve problems I have had in the past.  The single most important lesson is to mark where the cover is so you don’t have to dig the entire yard looking for the damn thing.  Not that I had that happen to me… 😳

Look Who I Found

Dyeing to Try

21 Replies to “Digging In The Dirt”

      1. Oh no kidding! Even when we were looking for a place here, we ran into many homes in areas that were still on septic systems. We nearly roped in to one but thankfully, the inspection that we were present at, immediately showed a hole in the ancient system which here on lake frontage would cost a minimum of $20,000.00 to replace plus a hefty $10,000.00 fine! They were also still on a community water well and afterwards we discovered the water tested bad too! Needless to say, we bought a house on city sewage and water. Lol

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        1. That inspector deserved a big tip! That would have been the worst home warming present ever. I have been very fortunate so far. A bad sewer pump, had to replace the well pump and tank, but that’s it (so far).

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      1. Our water plus sewage is under $40 a month so I’m happy to be on city without fear of the issues a septic system can have, outrageous repair amounts if something goes wrong and the $350.00 charge for annual pump service. Yikes!

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    1. Sometimes truth it’s much funnier! It was not a laughing moment at the time and the reminder is evident all over in that part of the yard! 😛 welcome back by the way! In time for the last day!! 🙂😞


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