Born To Run


Day 247 – September 4, 2019

Reading – Weekly Prompts Word /  Jogging – Weekly Quotation / Instigate – FOWC /  Schism – RDP / Unlikely – WODC

I am not sure if this counts but I believe there is a schism between those who enjoy running and those who don’t. I side with the latter.  Maybe it’s because I played sports growing up.  And some coaches, I feel, used to use running as a punishment.  What’s worse, I remember running “laps” for things I had no control over, that I didn’t instigate.  Like being late to practice… WHEN MY PARENTS DROVE ME!!!  Unlikely? I think not!  I am not bitter or anything.  In fact, it left such a bad taste that when I started coaching I swore I would never do that and that lasted all through about 3 practices, or the first time the kids pissed me off. 😛

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  1. yes – using the wrong things for punishment is terrible – like making them run – or write – ugh
    and we suggest doing sprints rather than run those marathons – but everyone is different and the joggers I know – or the runners – have seemed to have found what helps them thrive

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