Dress You Up


Day 246 – September 3, 2019

Fall – Tuesday Photo / Fashion – Cee’s Fun Foto / Rectify – FOWC / Scrap – RDP / Wicked – WODC

I am a walking fashion faux pas.  Kinda always been.  I guess it’s just a big part of my charm. 😛  It’s not like I don’t know what I am doing, I just don’t care.  Give me shorts and a t-shirt, no socks or shoes, as I donned all summer, or a pair of sweats and tee when its colder, and I am a happy camper.  You want to be wicked?  Make me wear clothes that are more formal and I cannot wait to scrap them and rectify the situation by falling right back into my “everyday” wear.  As a matter of fact, as many of you know, today was the first day back with students.  It was also the first day in 10 weeks that I had to wear socks and shoes.  My feet are not being very nice to me right now.  Oh, the photos I am sharing, are from a costume shop in a regional theatre that a former student runs.  I had the opportunity to stop in and see her after school today as she was preparing these for a period piece.  It was by sheer luck that they happen to be designed using a fall palette.  I always appreciate a lucky break!

P.S. To my dear blog family- By the way, these last two weeks have been very hectic and should calm down in a couple of days.  I have not been very quick with replies and/or comments on your messages/posts. I have been reading them when I can, mostly because I am addicted to it/your writings and photos 💕  But, please don’t give up on me.  I know I don’t have to share this, and I appreciate you all very much for your support, but it is very important to me that I do.

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