Haven’t Had A Drink All Day


Day 82 – March 23, 2019

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This is one of the distilleries that has found an identity in the city.  The city amended a code that allows for small craft distilleries in the city in December of 2014.  Since then there has been a little influx in the number of them competing for shelf space in town and across the state.  Based on the wear you would think that the sign and the company has been here awhile. When in fact it only opened its doors just two years ago.  Still in that amount of time, I am sure a number of patrons have drank enough gin to make even an elephant delirious. Still there is good history in the name and the story behind the decision, which you could read here should you have nothing better to do.  Tally-ho!

Look What I Found

Can I Buy A Vowel 


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  1. I’m here to apologise for the misunderstanding and for my final remarks. I really appreciate your final comments to Gerry too.
    Gerry has removed his article, he felt leaving it in place was unfair to both you and I.

    I was to take another break in a couple of weeks but we are bringing it forward, Nan’s farm will announce tomorrow that Gerry will take over Weekly Prompts completely for the next two weeks.

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