You Don’t Bring Me Flowers


Day 83 – March 24, 2019

#Spring has Sprung – Sunday Stills / Row – One Word Sunday / Weekend in Black & White / Paltry – FOWC / Closet – RDP / Feast – WODC / Day 24 – Spiky Monthly Squares

As Terri over at Second Wind Leisure Perspectives challenged #springhassprung, someone had to be listening.  Because today it felt, smelt, looked and sounded like it.  I was more than happy to hang the jackets in the closet and don a pair of shorts.  The temperature reached a paltry 60*F but I wasn’t going to let that deter me.  Even if it is only short-lived, which has been predicted, it will be savored as it happened on the weekend with no other responsibilities.  It’s the ideal way to recharge the day before starting another long week.  Signs of spring are emerging pretty much everywhere.  The color is returning to lawns, little baby buds are beginning to form on tree branches, and the typical hardy weeds are starting to sprout. At least the deer will have some fresh veggies to feast on.  Rows of these tulips? (help all of you flower people) are seen sporadically clumped together.  I managed to capture some images and was very happy with how they came out, I just had to post a couple more.  Today was the first day I could see the tell-tale sign of a bloom starting to thicken.  A sign that it’s safe for them to come out and play.  Just hope they regret that decision.

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Where the Wild Things Are

Father Figure

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  1. We had daffodils in January (yes, the year has been crazy!) but I’m sure they regretted their early rising 😉 Things are more back to normal now. Your spikes are very attractive.

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