Let’s Twist It Up


Day 27 (392) – January 27, 2019

Voyager – One Word Sunday / Night – Sunday Stills / Forlorn – FOWC / Flight – RDP / Yelp – WODC

This is a result of laziness. I realized I hadn’t taken my photo for today, and as I went through today’s prompts. I focused pretty much on the Sunday Stills word. Not really feeling the desire to get in the car, I voyaged (I know, but I thought adding something in regards to hiking through the woods on a nature voyage, would be even cheesier 😬) out in a forlorn attempt too catch something. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a bird take flight and as it flew across the sky, the colors in the sky caught my attention.  I had thought about yesterday’s post when I saw things in the clouds.  Tonight, I actually saw some things in the twisted limbs and branches against that gorgeous background.  I may or may not have let out a small yelp in happiness, as I shuttered through a few different shots.  This time I actually wondered what I was on, when the limbs came alive and my imagination formed a large group of people in the right corner, a pumpkin, dead center, out of the colors with the two small groups of tangled branches providing the carved out eyes.  I haven’t really decided what little animal is formed by the circle of branches on the right side.  I see a raccoon or muskrat or weevil, something along those lines.  I am leaning towards the raccoon as there is definitely that mask around the little eye formed by the thinned out space.  Can you tell that the football season is over? This is how I now spend my time. Exciting, huh?

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