Roll On Down The Highway


Day 28 (393) – January 28, 2019

Upside Down – VJ’s Weekly / Vanishing – Pic and a Word / Resort – FOWC / Note – RDP / Acquience – WODC

You have heard of an elephant graveyard.  This is a street barrel and road construction residue graveyard.  Or at least it’s what I think it should be. That or perhaps a resort for fallen barrels who have served their time protecting others from, well, people like me and you, whose attention may not be on what is right in front of them. Sometimes when I am driving the same stretch of highway I drive everyday, my mind tends to get away from me (surprise!). It escapes to observe, explore and investigate, leading to some very interesting questions that I tend to acquiesce and then note in order to remember what I would forget because my mind was off wandering instead of doing its job, short term anyway. Like what happens to those barrels after they have been taken out by a driver whose mind isn’t on the road because it’s off wandering. Or why is that electric box upside down on the fallen electric pole? You know, questions like that.

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