Silent Lucidity

Day 21 (386) – January 21, 2019

Stillness – VJ’s Weekly / Evanescent – 3-Way Manic Monday / Chimneys and Fireplaces – Photo for the Week / Plaster – FOWC / Dream – WODC

It was downright cold today.  Freezing  (below actually) to be exact, like Arctic cold. So it was a good day to stay in. Except that I didn’t. I risked the elements to find a great stillness shot of the ice.  The snow, plastered onto the trees by the ice, helped to create the scene.  The only thing that kept it from looking like it was straight out of a dream, well, was the cold. The fake fire, resting on the wall in a nearby diner, really did nothing to warm the air.  In fact, I am pretty sure the flames were thankful to be inside. Think warm thoughts, and if it’s warm where you are, pretend it’s not.

My response to the Manic Monday 3-Way is one of my favorite songs by perhaps one of my top 3 favorite bands. This song just speaks to me.  I decided to share this version from the Grammy’s  because I love the orchestra behind them. Just very classy for a hair band.

Look What I Found

2 Out of 3 Ain’t Bad

44 Replies to “Silent Lucidity”

  1. “the flames were thankful to be inside” what a great description! I liked this challenge and I also wrote a post on stillness!

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  2. I like your selection of photos… I was looking at the 1st one for a bit enjoying the snow, and then I got a chill. So I read further, saw the fire place and warmed right up. I’m still smiling, because I wasn’t expecting it yet I was unknowingly in need of it. Nailed it!

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