The Fun Tracks

Day 20 (385) – January 20, 2019

Window – Sunday Stills / Blue – One Word / Vanishing Point – A Photo a Week / Cough – FOWC / Pet – RDP / Unique – WODC

The household is ill today.  Symptoms including runny nose, sore through, a cough are running rampant.  So rather than risk my own health in the infirmary, I opted to take Anastasia (my pet dog) and go out for some photo-ops, before the flash freeze strikes.  That’s when the temps drop so fast that anything wet, freezes in a snap.  It wasn’t long until I stumbled upon the railroad tracks.  I originally thought about just shooting the tracks and work on the vanishing point. But I heard that whistle and scanned the area for where I wanted to set up shop.  Luckily, the road was completely empty, so me performing some (probably) illegal driving maneuvers, couldn’t impede or cause other drivers to be deeply concerned about my state of mind.  When I finally saw the oncoming headlight, I realized that I probably should get on the safe side of the gate.  I wanted to capture a few unique shots and was pretty happy with the results.  So now, I am hoping to avoid actually becoming a snowman as the temps have now dropped to 20 degrees with a wind chill of 14. Not looking forward to the -15+ tomorrow morning!

Look What I Found

Lullaby of Broadway

22 Replies to “The Fun Tracks”

  1. Hey there. Thanks for linking to my post! 🙂

    Cool pics. Sorry for the sickness. I’m still trying to get my cold to finally leave me completely. People and their breathing their germs! Hope you’re not frozen to the road. I stayed home today to avoid the sub-zeros (we didn’t get the flash freeze here that they were predicting all week).

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    1. Hey there thanks for writing a great post! Then again, anything Broadway and I’m on it. It’s a good thing schools were already closed which meant I could avoid the -15 temps we had this morning. I still had to unfreeze the doors to the car at 11! I just wish that if it’s going to be this cold, we need snow.
      I’m not so hyped about another Rent. I mean I am going to watch, no denying, but there are 3 filmed versions already and I just think there are so many other shows that would translate so much better on TV. But we will see! I’ll be interested in hearing what you think next week! 😀

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      1. Another Broadway baby. YAY for kindred spirits! I agree, if it’s this cold, it should be for snow, not just for shivering.
        To tell the truth, I’m not either, especially on TV and since I thought the movie version was not that good. But. I’ll watch. Love this show. How’d you know I’d be sharing my opinion after? 😉 And you’ll chime in, too.

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        1. I wasn’t fond of the movie but they also filmed it Live on Broadway which wasn’t bad. I just hope they don’t edit out anything. Well I guess they really can’t. I wasn’t expecting you to write anything, I know I was just going to ask you what it was 😬

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