Late Check-In


Day 351 – December 17, 2018

Recipe – VJ’s Weekly Challenge / Rejoice – Manic Monday 3-Way / Festive – Photo for the Week #22 / Cartoon – FOWC / Halcyon – RDP / Royal – WODC / Windows – December Photo a Day / Day 17 – December Squares

Take a glowing star, a couple of cut out, or molded plastic, or metal form figures, place them around a cradle and you have the recipe for a festive holiday season.  Nativities spring to life on the many lawns, driveways, porches, mantles, windows, at this time of the year.  Be it an animated, cartoon, realistic, symbolic, or live scene, it is one that will draw your attention, no matter the size (if properly lit of course).  For many it is a reminder that it is a halcyon time to reflect, rejoice, reflect and celebrate the spirit of the season.  It doesn’t take much.  With or without the animals, the royalty, the manger, the hay, the witnesses, the display tells the same story no matter how you portray it.  Those who don’t celebrate the “reason for the season” are no strangers to the display and recognize its meaning.  It’s one of the few symbols, I have experienced, that has the same affect/meaning to a person, across the board, believer or non.  This is just one of many that have popped up enroute home.  I actually caught a smaller one on Saturday. There is another life-sized one that is being set up, in town, that I want to capture.  It looks like a potential live nativity location, which would be pretty cool.  Will see what future prompts hold! 😉  Truck update!  So the estimate has come back, and needless to say it’s not pretty.  It is looking like a new vehicle will be necessary as much as I was just starting to enjoy life sans car payment.  Can we say timing?  So if you have any recommendations for me to look at or to avoid, I would much appreciate it (keeping cost low and gas mileage UP! Grab a hold of your Tuesday and take it where you want to go.  Peace.

This is my song choice for the Manic Monday 3 Way prompt “Rejoice”-

I did not want to do a song with the word in the title.  But the more I thought about the word, this was the one song that kept playing in my head.  Enjoy.

3 of Many

Anyone’s Best Friend

Puppets String

An Open Question?

18 Replies to “Late Check-In”

  1. Nativity is huge here in Portugal. You’ll find them everywhere, in shop windows, homes, churches and fire stations. The latter tend to do enormous displays. We’re off to see a few soon, one of which has more than 5000 figurines!

    PS bad news on truck 😕

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  2. What an absolutely beautiful Nativity scene. Super picture!
    I cant’t help with your vehicle choice. I’m not even sure what you mean by truck. Over here a truck would be a lorry 🚛. Avoid a Diesel engine. In an attempt to clean up the air the government has placed an extra levy on all diesel driven vehicles. My road fund licence for my Diesel 4×4 Toyota Rav 4 has just increased to £250.00 per year, not sure what that is in dollars.

    We were encouraged to buy diesel vehicles because it was thought they produced less CO2 emissions. Now five years after taking the advice the government says diesel actually produces more.

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    1. Diesel was a thing for awhile but has quickly quieted down. I never liked the diesel. In fact it kept me from buying a VW awhile back! No pick-up trucks over there? What would they call a Toyota Tundra/Tacoma? Or Ford F-150? Or A Chevy Silverado? Hopefully I named one that was familiar. 😉 I don’t think I’m going to go that route again anyway. Can’t afford to!

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      1. Apparently, they are known also known as pickup trucks! Compared to other vehicles there aren’t that many in use. Over here they are mostly used by the farming community.

        I had to research your vehicles, I hadn’t a clue, but I came across this article which is total rubbish. WE use lorry as the accepted word for your word truck and not just in the north of England, it might have originated here, but it’s the absolute norm!
        Where do those people find their information

        Lorry is a word which originated in the north of England. It meant a four-wheeled low flatbed horse-drawn vehicle. The word lorry has not been used in the north of England since these horse-drawn vehicles became obsolete. There, a diesel-engined truck is called a wagon. › Why-do-the-Br…


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