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Day 352 – December 18, 2018

Anticipation – Tuesday Photo Challenge / Treasure – FOWC / Shambles – WODC / Sparkle – December Photo a Day / Day 18 – December Squares

Have to keep it short tonight.  A little busy.  The last time I had a live tree in the house was about 10 years ago.  I got an artificial tree after I got fed up with trees constantly shedding needles, cats climbing the tree, knocking it over and leaving the room in shambles.  I also could never get the damn thing straight in the base, and the ornaments would end up on the ground, right next to the treasures and gifts, more often then not.  So I was glad to get away from that mess.  For some reason I thought I needed to surprise the kids, when they come home,  with a live tree.  They have always complained, year after year, that a fake tree just looks fake.  So with them all coming home this week, having them all together, is a good time for a nice surprise.  The tree is pretty important to them. It represents all that is good about the season.  From the gathering of the gifts underneath to the anticipation of opening them on Christmas morning.  It’s a symbol of tradition, one that brings family together.  In any case, I only through the lights on the tree to light it up for the photo.  After struggling to get it standing and centered, I am waiting a bit to see if it will hold up before putting them on for good.  In the meantime, I need to get back at cleaning up all the needles, the spilled water from the old stand that fell apart the minute I tried to set it up, and all the reasons I stopped getting a live tree in the first place.  Ahh that holiday season.  Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Beautiful tree! My cats are having way too much with ours the main problem is only the top half is decorated cause the dogs eat the ornaments. I think that’s why we haven’t gotten an artificial tree. They’ll probably eat that as well!


  2. Fabulous tree. We had a real one in a pot which came in each year, much easier as already straight, no needles because in soil and happily went into garden for summer! Eventually though got too big so in the garden it went permanently 😊

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    1. Thank you for the wonderful post! I am here daily! 😬 I love the live trees, when you get a good one. I don’t like the dead needles! Thank you so much for leaving the comment! IO really appreciate it.

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