Friday Follies

Friday Follies

Hi All!

So I have decided to attempt to create a new Challenge (my first and prob last). I’ve checked all over WP and have not seen anything like it. If there is, let me know and I will save myself some trouble. As someone who appreciates challenges and does as many as I can, in one post, I wanted to see what life was like on the other side.  If you have read any of my posts, you know that I prefer not to take anything too seriously, as I prefer providing some levity. Which is the purpose and focus of the challenge.

Here is the down and dirty:

1) The challenge will refresh every Friday. Any and all posts for the week should be posted by Thursday 7pm EST. Posts need to be tagged with #profrifollies and, if you wish, create a pingback to the weeks episode.

2) On Friday morning, the prior weeks entries will be posted for all to see with one entry selected as #FriYayFollyPro and will be featured in the next episode.

3) What are you looking for/posting? Great question! Glad you asked. I’m looking for any kind of sign, flyer, ad etc, that you may see posted or printed or whatever/wherever; that would, might or might not be, intentional or unintentionally, a mistake or could be interpreted the wrong way, misspelled, be a double entendre or just outright hilarious. You see them all the time and wish you could have caught it on camera, or cut out and shared with others. They could even be video clips from TV that you happen to have caught on DVR. There are no wrong or right answers.  If you think it’s off, or get a chuckle/ or you smh, hold on to it and bring it when you can. Just try and catch the weeks rerun so you can see what you may have missed.

4) Comments are turned off on the weekly episode page allowing for Pingbacks to be easily found. Should you have any question, suggestion or comment, head back “Home” (this page) and ask away!

5) This is not meant to be your typical challenge, one of the main reasons I like to call them episodes (as in a tv show). You watch it if you can, and if you miss it, you can watch it when you have time later in the week, or just skip this episode altogether and watch next week. (catch the analogy 😬) So many of you already do so many things, it amazes me, so take the pressure/stress off if you want to but just don’t have time, give it a shot at any time as long as the show hasn’t been cancelled.

6) Here are three that I came across from different genres, just for inspiration. The first is messages outside the local vet who puts the bottom marquee to good use:

The next is a name of a local bread making company. I had never seen the brand before and I just happen to catch a glimpse of it and then took a double take:


The last is a clip of a recent Price is Right with Drew Cary who had a little “slip” when explaining a game (Make sure you can hear!)

So you get it now. I’m not looking for any theme each week, just whatever you happen to come across. Hopefully the end result is a Friday that includes a good deal of levity and laughter! Start collecting now (although I am sure many of you have some already saved), the Pilot has aired! Happy Hunting and thanks for sharing/participating.

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          1. I will figure it out.Wont take long Sometimes WP just logs me out and then I have to work around in order to log in on the tab with your site. It will be done in a few. But I follow you so I get your posts in the reader which confuses me.


          2. Thank you for following – yes, this gives you everything I post in the reader. To comment, just forget about the reader. From your post in your blog, just click my link and see what you get.

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          3. Just weird, it made me create an account on your site. But it’s there now (waiting for approval 😬) Sorry for the confusion. But Thanks again for taking time to add. Means a lot! 😊


      1. lol got one coming up but will not have enough to participate weekly … had been going to use it as a prompt for my Friday foto fun but I’m willing to share 🙂
        Hoping you’ll join in one of those 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh no! The whole purpose is to just post when/if you find one! I want to keep this so low key so it’s there to laugh at and then contribute whenever you can. They aren’t super easy to always catch. I tend to drive past see it and then think, did I see what I thought I saw, and then it’s too late. But I’ve collected a few over the past couple of years which is why I started this.

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