Clash of the Titans

Day 281 – October 8, 2018

Ominous – Manic Monday 3 Way Prompt / Gathering -VJ’s Weekly Challenge #18 / Clouds – Photo for the Week #12 / Routine – FOWC / Plump – RDP / Fathom – WODC / Branches – Daily Photo Challenge

(It would have helped to put a title on) We are back on the road and based on what Waze says, we will be in Dallas by 11pm, so we are going to get there tonight instead of stopping and finishing tomorrow morning. But we did get to stop and show her the Honky Tonk strip (Broadway) in Nashville and eat some lunch. I was able to take a few shots and now it’s tough to choose only one photo to respond to all the prompts, so I decided to post a few for each prompt/challenge. If you aren’t familiar with the strip, well it’s pretty much a party 24 hours a day, with live music and plenty of people filling the street. Which is why it was an absolute random and mind blowing experience when we literally ran into 3 former students who are/were close friends of my oldest. I’ve had small world experiences a few times, but none like that. And what makes it even more-so is that unless my daughter wasn’t with me, I would have bumped into them and kept walking. Anyway, we walked up and back the strip, went to have lunch and are back in the car. She is behind the wheel giving me a break, so I am posting now because lord knows I won’t have the energy once this road trip wraps up. As I type this up we are passing through Memphis so just a quick shout out to Richa at iScrblr 😛 So until tomorrow have a great Tuesday and Stay safe!

The Batman Building
The Boat and Unfinished Roller Coaster
‘Nuff Said
Roadrunners Coyote Stop
A Lot of Glass

My song choice for the Manic Monday 3 Way Prompt – Ominous

First Choice is The Doors – The End. But that’s a 12 minute song, so I’ll go with my second choice:

3 of Many

(On Hold 😬)

25 Replies to “Clash of the Titans”

  1. “As I type this up we are passing through Memphis so just a quick shout out to Richa at iScrblr” 😛
    Hahaha.. Just read this! 😉

    Btw.. Wish you a very happy birthday! #godBless ✌️😃🙏❤️

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    1. You are the best. I did not reply to the comment prior to this one, since I figured you realized that I wasn’t there once you read this. I really wanted to be able to stop and see Memphis with my daughter, or just walk past Graceland and eat at one of the places you have reviewed before (which actually was one of the first posts of yours I read), but there was some pressure to get here early. Someday I will get that chance! Thank you for the wish! Your spirit is so warm, wonderful and awesome!! 💕😘

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      1. It took me back to when I owned ( randomly) the top tattoo studio in Arkansas. Evanescence was just blowing up out of Little Rock. Every Rock concert in our area was sponsored by my studio and I sponsored BuzzFest. I still have the concert poster, autographed by Fuel and Seether

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        1. The things you learn about people you just never would expect. That is simply amazing. Were you a tat artist, or did you just own the studio? What stories you could tell.

          I can remember the exact day and what I was doing when I first heard this song, because I had that mad crush on Amy Lee, so when I heard her voice I was like that is so Amy, and actually argued with a friend until I could prove it. Crazy the things we remember and what little things can trigger them!


          1. Isn’t that the truth! It’s a strange story really. I lived in a small small town where some sketchy dude in a bus would randomly appear, parked on a corner and do tats and piercings then disappear in the night as mysteriously as he’d appear. It was a nasty affair without aftercare or any accountability to crap work and health issues like hepatitis that he ended up spreading about. As my kids and their friends began hitting that age, I cringed at the thought of these kids going to him.
            At that time, I was opening a boutique that carried various things that you couldnt get locally, one of which was quality body piecing jewelry. All the girls with bellies pierced would have to travel an hour either to memphis or to Jonesboro to purchase.
            My vendor, out of florida asked me while I placed an order….” if that guys so terrible and you’re already selling the jewelry, why don’t you start piercing yourself. That way you’ll know its done right and safely.” So…..I found someone to apprentice myself and employees, contacted state health dept and away I went.
            A few months later, same vendor inquired….” you took all his piercing business, you dont want the kids their going to him for tats so why don’t you……?”
            Randomly, I’m a Tatoo Artist and own a full on studio. The shop was already making a profit so I moved it to a larger city, a college town and in 6 montgs had closed out all local competition and was the states top studio and sponsoring bands and every local rock concert in the area! It was a rockstar life.
            After several years, I sold the business, moved to OK. Was nearly killed by a horse. Randomly bought a ranch and became a owner / breeder of race horses!
            I don’t actually live my life, life happens to me. I don’t ever know what the next chapter holds. I’m as surprised as anyone else. Lol
            I just wanted a boutique!

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          2. That is just a fun story! It really should be a book. I am certain it’s not the only experience you could share. Especially with that philosophy. There are a few I was fortunate enough to experience (especially when I was acting) but those are meh. Were you an artist before you did tats or did you teach yourself?


          3. Acting sounds like an exciting story! Me, I’ve always been the creative type, drawing, painting, repurposing, refinishing, poetry, writing, remodeling, but never in the medium of skin. I’d have laughed my head off if anyone would’ve told me I’d end up owning a tattoo studio! I didn’t have tattoos, hadn’t even thought of it. I did in fact, take the written exam with the state health dept, paid $10,000.00 for a 6 month apprenticeship, then physical exam at health dept to become an artist myself, though I never cared for it. I created a studio that reflected this era of common place. The drunken sailor era is dead. In a world where 16 yr girls want their navels pierced, studios shouldn’t be a place where parents fear to bring them nor fear for their health.
            My studio was in historic downtown building with plaster chipped, exposing brick walls, hardwood floors, sliding glass doors, interior walls painted like glossed stainless, deep red leather couches and flat screen TVs. My sterilization techniques surpassed the hospitals (as per the head of cardiology that we tattooed) and if I so much as smelled a whiff of alcohol on a customer, away they went and they could come back another day.
            It wasn’t easy opening that type of business, gaining the respect of my city and state in the bible belt, but I did and sure wasn’t going to let the shenanigans ruin my hard work. Lol. I ran a tight ship and often was the bouncer. 😊

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          4. That just makes me smile. What an adventure. I totally respect that and I do admire your standards and perspectives. I never thought of getting a tattoo, the idea just sounded unhealthy and not worth it. Then 3 years ago, 5 years being cancer free, one of my students was just sketching things and one was a cancer ribbon decorated. So I asked her if she would design something like that for me. I told her what I thought would be important to add and she asked some questions about it. A week later she gave me a beautiful rendering and another kid said that I should make that a tatt. About 2 weeks later I started looking into it and entered a few parlors. I would always look for the same things, cleanliness, not only at the stations but everywhere. If the waiting area was barren, or cluttered I would walk out without a word. My thought was if it was barren then they don’t have enough clients to need a waiting area and if people don’t have clients then reputations are prob not very good. And if it’s cluttered then they are too busy for me and a better chance of rushing and messing up to get more in and out. I would smell the area. Smoke or candles that mask scents would cause me to walk away. If they didn’t have signs posted regarding age and alcohol policies, etc nope. Walk away. Then I wanted to see their work. So I looked through photos books of photos etc. I wanted to see how they were freehanded and also then with a template. With it being my first I was overly cautious. But I finally settled on one, based on many friends experiences and a tattoo was born. 2 years later and 4 more tattoos I found another artist closer to where I live who I just gelled with. It made it so much more of a great experience. And now I’m kind of addicted and probably will get one more. Who knows. I always am attempting new things. I enjoy being creative, being in my head when I am designing sets or lighting or just a show poster. It’s a scary place but I’m right at home with spontaneity and improv and testing myself with new adventures.


          5. Oh I dont think you were overly cautious at all. Even today, no one would ever think I was a tattoo artist, had tattoos or owned a studio. Once they fond out, I’m always asked what they should look for and any advice. You covered almost every point and recommendation that I line out. I also toss in not to look for a “cheap” tattoo. Nobody wants the garage sale version of that. Lol I dont think you can be too cautious with something permanent or can cause permanent health issues if disreputable.
            It’d be so fun to peek inside your life of design and acting. Congratulations on a cancer free status! #survivor! Whoohoo!

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          6. Yes price is a huge factor, but I figured that if I got to the point where I’m asking how much, they’re pretty much a done deal. But when I found my artist for number 2, like I said he’s done then ever since. Although I think he kind of messed up a little on my last one it wasn’t terrible nor obvious but he did not charge me anywhere near the quote and I totally respected that. In any case, all the clips in this channel were designed directed by me or I acted in.


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