Climb Every Mountain

Day 282 – October 9, 2018

Birthday – Tuesday Photo Challenge / Silent – FOWC / Rugged – RDP / Manifesto – WODC / Scarlett – October Photo a Day

So I am cheating today.  I am not going to lie, I admit it.  I wrote this post at 1 am on Oct 10 and backdated it to yesterday.  Though I can honestly say I took the photo today (Oct. 9). I have a good reason, as most of you know how faithful I am, and when I do not respond right away to comments something is not right.  So I am sorry for not getting back to my commenters right away, I am getting caught up.  So I am not soliciting for any special recognition or anything, and please don’t feel obligated to comment either, but thanks to Frank at TPC (Dutch Goes the Photo) it is just way too much of a coincidence not to write about.  It just so happens, that today (Oct. 9), the exact day Frank chose to use the word “Birthday” as the prompt, happens to be the same as the day of my birth.  And even more crazy is that the meaning behind the birthdays are significant, as for Dutch Goes the Photo it is celebrating the first year of Stuff, their corgi, a big milestone in which many dog owners would agree.  And while I am not the big “It’s my birthday type of guy”, and prefer the sound of silence on days like this, this day happens to mark the big 5-0. And like Stuff (and family) I am amazed that I made it this far, because I too definitely was, and at most times continue to be, mischievous. Not only that but I definitely was a crazy little boy with no sense of self-preservation; I believe my parents would whole heartedly agree that I did things just to test their patience, and against better judgement, and my tendency for being accident prone, will always continue to jump of the armrest of any couch, because I (know) I can fly! I am Peter and I will never grow up (completely). So 5-0 be damned, it’s time to start counting backwards!

My photos here in Texas have, so far, not been a priority and are scarce. But as it is my manifesto to take a picture, every DAY, I did stumble upon the scene above while out in the backyard of my parents house.  They are by far not the best, but I do feel as it is something unexpected and even very elegant and had I had my better camera ready, the shots would have been so much better. It was, and is, rainy and a bit chilly (for Central TX) and it hasn’t been very pretty at all but I know it’s no excuse.  Of course, no photos of tonights small intimate gathering were taken, so this is all I really got today, and it actually is probably so much better that way. But I gave extra yesterday and I will definitely make it up more as the week winds down.  Until then, THANK YOU to those, that caught an unintentional clue or two in earlier posts, who sent well wishes and positive vibes for safe travels (we did make it 😬).  I love this community of WP friends here, it really has such a big impact on me, especially since you don’t have to, at all!  More from the Lone Star but for now have a fantastic Wednesday and as always (especially for those of you in the panhandle and in the path of Michael) STAY SAFE!!

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24 Replies to “Climb Every Mountain”

  1. For me, you rock. Don’t ever worry about replying to a comment from me! I realize I can go on and on about the minutia of a song… Happy Birthday! It’s my birthday too yeah! Ok, not really. Just quoting a little Beatles for yer birthday! Which is much better than quoting “Yer Blues” for someone’s birthday. But, if you insist…

    “My mother was of the sky
    My father was of the earth
    But I am of the universe
    And you know what it’s worth”

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    1. You make me smile! I am far from a Rock, but I sure could use the compliment so I will accept it! 😛 Thank you for the birthday wish, I knew exactly what you were going for. I don’t mind the blues on the birthday, especially this one! The song lyrics—PERFECT CHOICE! You are a GEM! 💕

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