Let Things Happen, Be the Ball


Day 209 – July 28, 2018

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 I have a confession, this photo was a mistake.  I did not intend to press the button, and I did by accident while zooming in on something else.  Typically I would delete the photo right away, especially ones that I know wouldn’t measure up to my expectations.  But I didn’t today.  I rushed to get the other shot I wanted and forgot until I got home and went through the photos.  It stopped me dead in my tracks.  There is something special about the moment which was captured.  The golf course was full of golfers playing a tournament.  Most of them are more than likely staying at the resort, and possibly extending their stay for a mini-vacation.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day.  The sun was shining, the air not so hot, and even better, very little humidity.  The clouds looked like soft cushioned pillows, so inviting.  It is a day that helps to forget the memories of last week’s endless rain. I could actually stop working on the ark! It was a great start to the weekend, and am hoping it will continue for a bit.  I added a couple of photos below.  Two are of last nights moon (with Mars, the little red dot, down right.)  I was reading through posts, when I saw someone had written about the moon and how close Mars is to us.  I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t wait until I took those pictures to post because I would have definitely used them for the Ragtag Daily Prompt – Moon. The second one posted of the moon was posted because I really thought that it looked like the two subjects were in a heart.  The last photo is a response to Ms. Zen over at NorCalZen,  who remarked that she would have actually liked to see the cover bridge I shot two days ago.  So I added an exterior photo of the bridge.  Continuing to send some well wishes (pun intended) that the wildfires that are burning near her home, stay away.  Keep Safe!

3 of Many  

Walking a Tightrope


Always Starting Over


17 Replies to “Let Things Happen, Be the Ball”

    1. That is amazingly sweet, Thank you! It is super ironic though. I have literally just finished reading your post when I came back to see this!! Crazy. I was even beginning to comment which I am off to do now 😛💕


        1. Well I am honored and touched. Thank you!😘 Don’t work so hard that you miss out on enjoying you at least a little but each day! 😳It’s how I stay grounded anyway. 🤪 Just dont quote me on that.😬

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