Careless Whisper

Day 210 – July 29, 2018

Summer Drink – Sunday Stills / Lullaby – WODCUnknown – FOWC / Whisper – RDP / Sugar – #onewordsunday / Positive – One Word Photo Challenge / #MySundayPhoto /  Weekend Black & White / Birds (I know but I had to include it)- Cee’s B&W Challenge

I had too much fun with this weeks Sunday Stills challenge. Combining the usual suspects, with the challenge, really stretched the story web necessary to incorporate the prompts.  Which is probably why I posted two photos.  It all starts with the summer drink.  For the birds and for me.  The common denominator, between the two, is sugar.  Except for the water (the base for all drinks) the other ingredient used for all the drinks pictured, even the ones that are trying to remain unknown, is sugar.  A couple of the beverages above can make a whisper into a shout, without you even knowing or realizing.  Too much of it and, I am pretty positive, you won’t need a lullaby to put you to sleep.  I have to say, the hummingbird photo came with a great amount of patience, an achy arm and a steady hand.  I couldn’t be more happy with the photo.  This little girl kept grabbing her drink and then she would fly up to the window and hover, looking like she was watching tv.  It was quite the site.  I tried to catch that shot, but every time she did it, I was either taking a break, or distracted by something else.  But I will get that shot!  Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend and that your week starts off on a high note.  Until tomorrow…

3 of Many

At Dawn

Where Do Babies Come From?

Trial by Trail

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10 Replies to “Careless Whisper”

  1. LOVE the little hummer! Look at her little feet!! Mine seem pretty tame but catching them indeed takes patience! Love how you managed to participate in so many challenges with the two pics (I love my water)! I appreciate your consistent participation in Sunday Stills!!

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    1. It’s fun. I really enjoy it and it makes the 365 more challenging yet eases it by being able to narrow my focus down on what to take pictures of that day. As long as you host it, I’ll play along! Thank you for the great comment. I caught a couple more hummers today, but I think I’m wearing that subject a little thin this month. 😳

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  2. Oh wow! Incredible picture! I love the way you caught the blur of the wings.
    Do you mind if I change your link in “The Weekend in Black and White” to lead here so that others get a chance to view your blog and to comment?

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    1. By all means! Thank you so much for taking your time to stop and look and for the incredibly generous comment. And by all means. I was going to use the post link but I saw your rule that you only wanted the bw photo and since I had a bit more I didn’t want to break said rule. Link away!! 🙂


      1. That was intended as a request, not an order 😉 I love looking at good photos.

        Another question – do you mind if I feature your humming-bird next Friday?

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