Drive On

Day 286 – October 13, 2019

Honoring Pink – Sunday Stills / Sepia – One Word Sunday / Jaded – FOWC / Splinter – RDP / Death – WODC / Day 13 – October Lined Squares

I am not a fast food fan. I use to be.  When I was directing shows it was pretty much an every day occurrence, which probably jaded me a little.  The way I was going, cholesterol and high blood pressure would probably called death to my door a lot sooner than necessary.  So it wasn’t difficult to turn away from the stuff.  The funnier thing is that now the thought of that grease and salt being absorbed is enough to make me not hungry.  It’s not a bad way to lose weight.  Maybe I should start a new diet based on the concept!

PS I have no problem certain places iced tea though 😛.

Look Who I Found

That’s What Friends Are For

12 Replies to “Drive On”

  1. Can’t recall the last time I had American or English fast food . . however I have had some Portuguese traditional fast food and that is rather good!!!

    Love your underline 🙂

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  2. My mother’s friend loves the iced tea at certain places – and once we went thru the drive thru just for her to get a tea and my son was little and he thought it was weird at the time
    – anyhow – once you eat clean we pay the price if we eat certain chemical food (I do at least) so I skip it too

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  3. I was in broadcasting for more than three decades. Deadlines, breaking news, covering hurricanes and tornadoes,—I worked primarily in Texas—lousy hours, plus, jerks for bosses and skimpy salaries—meant fast food several times a day, several days a week. Grease and lipids. They add flavor but remove years from your life. I’ve been off fast food for a year and out of somewhat of a necessity, I recently ate a hamburger from….oh, not wanting to disparage,, let’s call it Burger Czar. Repugnant isn’t a strong enough adjective.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing. And especially for taking the time to leave the comment! Although I do like the word repugnant quite a bit! 😁


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