You Keep On Moving


Day 237 – August 25, 2019

National Parks – Sunday Stills / Window – One Word Sunday / Snide – FOWC / Excursion – RDP / Friendship – WODC

Before I get to the main story, I took a quick excursion to the battlefield and Talk about bumps, not only is the first Monday of a full week of work, it was also my daughters last day home.  After living in Dallas from October – May of this year she decided to “officially” move back to Dallas.  She has rented a house with two friends whom she developed a good friendship. She even packed her cat (something she did not do last year) and her car is completely packed with much more of her stuff.  Of course, I am holding out hope until she gets her Texas drivers license, which will really make it official in my mind.  I guess I am somewhat relieved that she decided to go back to Dallas where I have family and not Chicago, Tampa or Denver which were the other contenders.  I guess realizing last time that she would be coming back home (made obvious by leaving her cat) made it a bit easier, but this time I am not sure. A snide gesture? More than likely, no. It is unsettling though, and something that I think will weigh on me.  All 3 kids have gutted their rooms and have spread out (Dallas, Chicago and Philly) and I can’t help but wonder what I did to drive them away?

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Some People Fly

16 Replies to “You Keep On Moving”

  1. Awww….now, I cannot believe you did anything to drive them away. They are young. Remember when? I remember that kind of youth, yearning to be unbound, spread my wings, discover myself…on my own…feeling like I’d never achieve the status of adulthood in my parents eyes without distance and cutting my own path. Its but the birth pains of the next chapter of your life, their lives. Chin up friend, you are loved and longing will bring them home again in time.

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    1. I do. I think I was just very fortunate to get to move. A LOT! In fact, I still get that itch to change scenery. Quite a bit recently. If I only hadn’t invested so much time in my current job… Gives me motivation to retire sooner than later, though. Thanks so much for reaching out. You are awesome 💕💕

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  2. “I can’t help but wonder what I did to drive them away?” You didn’t drive them away. This is what young adults do. They need to exercise their independence. But these days, it’s not unusual for those who left the nest to return after a few years. Mine did. But now they are once again out on their own (and with their significant others). But at least we’re all in the same time zone! 😏

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    1. You are right. I shouldn’t be surprised. But truth be told, if it weren’t for my job I would have no issues whatsoever with a big move. A change of scenery would be nice so I cant blame them. Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate it!

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  3. ahhh – you did not drive them away – you nurtured with such healthiness that they feel free to fly! and not stay constricted – so you celebrate that – and remind yourself that our goal as parents is always to get them ready for that independent mode.
    and even though I hope my two boys stay in the same state (so far too good) my step daughter has lived abroad and away and bonds can stile managed.
    and you know, I just got together with someone who lives an hour from me – and I was pondering how she and I only get together twice a year – life is busy I guess – but it reminded me that I see her the same as my sister out of state – and so sometimes geographic location doe snot matter a much as we think
    and congrats to you dad –

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    1. That is hilarious. I am happy she is going to Dallas. I up and left when I was 23. I think the big difference is that I moved so much growing up, and my kids have lived pretty much in the same house their lives, so I guess I cant blame them.

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