Old Camp Meetin’ Time

Day 186 – July 5, 2019

Bathrooms/Outhouses – Cee’s Black & White / Weekend in B&W / Rebel – FOWC / Camp – RDP / Capture – WODC / Day 5 – July Blue Squares

I have been struggling with my post lately.  I am not sure what it is. It could be the lack of motivation to get out and take some pictures or I am just struggling with what to talk about, feeling like I really don’t have anything to say that is worth reading.  In fact, rereading some of the past few posts I realized that during summer break, life can get pretty boring  🥴  I really need to fix that.  I have read a number of posts where some members of my blog family have felt the same way.  And they have helped.  I was able to go on a longer road trip, when I took the car into the collision center for it to get it’s car surgery.  I passed a couple of sites of interest and ones that captured todays prompts. In fact, I had to be a bot of a rebel to get the black and white shot as I took the photo under a no trespassing sign! 😬 That got the blood pumping a bit.

Look Who I Found

A Sisters Story


20 Replies to “Old Camp Meetin’ Time”

  1. I resemble this post. Aside from the mad amounts of company with groups arriving within a day of the others departure and tending guests…..I feel blank, emptied, bereft. Maybe I’m just exhausted or perhaps I’ve just run dry and need refilling.

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    1. Uhm… you think? I don’t know how you do it. I stress when it’s just the in-laws coming over for dinner! I am a little envious. You still live in an amazing area. I would love to wake up to views of a lake! That would be enough to reenergize me! Hope you don’t get to wound down. Take care of yourself! Let me know when your life is somewhat freed up a bit, I have some questions for my project! 😬 No rush!


  2. It is a pity you’ve committed yourself to blogging daily because it’s good to take a break from WP. Give the mind a rest from our obsession with blogging, take stock and come back refreshed. There are days when I feel as though it’s occupied my thoughts for most of my day almost as though it’s working me and not the other way around.I have to remind myself who is in charge, back away and come back refreshed.

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    1. I have been thinking about that as well. My worry is that I will step away, and knowing me, would be hard pressed to start up again. It really doesn’t consume me. I have been really good about staying off and only getting on to post once a day. I just have been finding the writing to be a little flat. Perhaps you are right. I will take some time to think about options. Thanks! You always provide a great voice of reason!

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