Down On The Farm

Day 179 – June 28, 2019

Lines & Angles – Cee’s Black and White / Weekend in Black & WhiteScramble – FOWC / Knot – RDP / Vacation – WODC 

It was a slow day today in idea land, so I had to scramble to put something together.  My creativity may be a little stifled as I am getting ready to go on a mini vacation to the Beach!!! It is about time I can go for a couple of days and just soak it in.  I apologize in advance for the few days of beach photos that will be on display.  But I have one more day to get through before I hit the road.  So todays photos are a little study on lines and angles thanks to Cee.  There is this old farm close and this barn sits right near the road.  I thought it would make a great black and white subject.  Well I am hoping it makes a great subject.

Look Who I Found

Story of My Life


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    1. She is awesome! One of the first blogs I turned to when WP stopped their challenges. Of course you do! We wouldn’t be related if you didn’t live that nostalgic romance. Just like how I can see those two people running on the beach, in slow motion, to the others waiting embrace! 😁


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