Learning To Fly

Day 153 – June 2, 2019

Over the Edge – Sunday Stills / Simplicity – One Word Sunday / Double – FOWC / Sum – RDP / Substitute – WODC

It was quite the day, and it’s still not over.  I have been teaching myself to fly a drone and by flying low and keeping things simple, I have been getting pretty good lately. I decided to try and start getting some aerial shots of the area.  So as it climbed higher, I was getting some shots of the roof of the house.  But that is when the wind shifted and picked up.  Needless to say, the following was the last image sent to me from the drone:

To push everything over the edge a little more, we were hit by a fast moving thunderstorm which made me call off the search.  I may not have caught the drone as of yet, but I did manage to, surprisingly, catch this little gem:

I love how the sky had much more pink after the flash.  Anyway, I have a smaller substitute drone that I may try and use to find the lost one, but then do I want to press my luck and double the number lost?  That’s a sum of money, I don’t wish to lose.

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  1. Oddly enough I found myself browsing drone YouTube vids not long ago, fell upon 1 along the lines of ‘crazy things drones spotted in forests’ 🤣
    Spooky stuff .. if they’re not staged that is 😉 loll

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    1. Those are the VR drones where it puts you in the pilot seat. Mine will do that but I would need a lot of open space with no one around to even think about trying. 😬😂

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      1. Nice. This guy was on a rugby field with trees either end. Sounded like a mozzie. Fast tho and probably took a lot of skill to fly it I’ll give him that without knocking a few birds from the trees.

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    1. I want to preface this with- when I decide to do something like this I don’t just pick something and go… oh no. I spend hours if not days scouring reviews, prices, features and anything else useful. So I started with a drone that I got off of QVC, about 3 -4 years ago, which I have been unable to find and info on regarding name or model. It’s one of those watching QVC late at night (back in the days when I enjoyed a beer or two) impulse buys day. It’s a good drone, especially for just starting out. No real features but it did take video. But the one that has absolutely got me into it is one that my son actually got for Christmas 2 years ago from Santa. And believe me, Santa did his research. It’s the drone that I actually lost yesterday. Honestly though, it doesn’t bother me terribly. It was much bigger than the other even though it had more features, except for one that will send a signal if it gets lost. Now lately I have been looking for a new one. And this is basically what I can tell you. There are pretty much 4 categories to look into. Thankfully they run alongside price points. The first is the $100 and under mark. This is your beginner drones with easy to use features or intermediate drones with basic features. The under 200 range which are good drones with some good important features. The under 300 range which are advanced drones with really good features or something very specific i.e drone for shooting video, stunts, racing etc and then the rest 300 and up. Which are professional type things. Basically For you I would look for one touch launch and land, GPS tracking, Follow Me, return home and a 1080p or better camera. There are a number of these out there. I suggest buying from Amazon and the 3 main makers to look at would be Holy Stone, Potensic and Drocon. The one I am really looking at is the Potensic T25. Lots of features and just over 100. A far cry from the 6-900 we would paid 3 years ago. Hope this helped and sorry it was so long.

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      1. I like the rectangular one that you can have follow you and, as far as I can remember, you don’t need to control it. I was looking on HSN app and the one drone they had, that wasn’t a DJI, was a hunk of junk according to the reviews. I’m glad I’m not in a big hurry to purchase one, and can do some research. No need to be sorry for the length of your reply, I appreciate the time you took to clue me in.

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        1. Any of the “Follow Me” drones has that ability. But you need to have your phone with you as that is what it’s actually following. I haven’t read any reviews where they have raved about that feature. Most get mixed results. I’m sure those upper cost ones are better tuned. I would like to see it pair to your watch so that it follows the signal from it so you don’t have to carry your phone.

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