Under The Sun


Day 119 – April 29, 2019

Response – VJ’s Weekly / Heavens – Pic and a Word / Obviate – FOWC / Nimble – RDP / Money – WODC

VJ asked, in her weekly challenge, for us to use another’s post to respond to via photo, poem or writing.  Since you all know ( or know now) that I am really not nimble like a poet or fanciful writer, I will let my eye do the talking (that’s where the money’s at 😛Not that I’m getting any, else I would obviate some debt.)  I follow so many wonderful blogs, and if I haven’t found yours yet, I will eventually! There are a couple of people I have followed from when I returned to posting 16 months ago, who have inspired me in more ways than one, who have encouraged me to be the blogger I am, and who have, in fact, become a sort of support system. So in looking through some of their past posts it became difficult to narrow it down to one, so I ended up just taking a few photos and weeded it down to a post that I really felt strongly about.  The post is from Richa at Iscrblr, who is about to wrap up the alphabet challenge.  I have been reading the daily entries and have been blown away by her gift of the prose. However, in this post she took a day off to observe a little silence. And the sky tonight joined in harmony.  It was gorgeous.  Little cotton balls painted pink and blue.  I’ll leave it at that.

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