Set Fire To The Rain

Day 109 – April 19, 2019

Orange – Weekly Photo / Vanishing Point – Cee’s B&W / Weekend in B&W / Trickery – FOWC / Tool – RDP / Moon – WODC

What was a beautiful spring morning, full of potential, has quickly been drowned out.  Not very long at all after I took these this morning, the first of the clouds began to overtake the blue.  Now, as I post this, the front yard has become a running rapids, a flood warning has been issued along with a Tornado watch.  Oh and the temperature has dropped a good 10 degrees, forcing me into sweats and a blanket.  I was really happy with how these came out.  I sure as heck didn’t know how I was going to fit orange in until I saw the flame on the Eternal Light Peace Memorial.  This flame has burned non-stop, with the exception of two incidents, since its dedication in 1938.  And during one of those incidents, the park service used a little trickery and substituted an electric light with the gas flame.  I am not sure what kind of tool they think the public were, but they weren’t fooled.  In 1988 the gas was turned back on and has been ever since.  I think that this has to be one of my favorite places to go in Gettysburg.  Especially at night, with a bright moon, and no wind, that flame shines bright.  Along with the memorial, the view is just amazing.  My black and white photo below, is on the North side of the monument, and on a day like today, was just spectacular, even if it is under water right now. 🥴


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  1. I read a description in a book once that stays with me – “Spring at her most virulent.” Sounds like that applies here 😉
    Great patterns in your black and white, and I like the solid black of the building. Are those spiky ridges walkways across the fields?

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