Storms Never Last

Day 74 – March 15, 2019

Gatherings – Weekly Photo / Fences&Gates – Cee’s B&W / B&W Weekend / Beware – FOWC / Hope – RDP / Harmony – WODC / Day 15 – Spiky Monthly Squares 

Thank God It’s Friday.  What a week.  I really am not sure why it felt so long.  I didn’t really have anything happen that made it so much more tiring, it just was.  I guess I could blame it on the fact that I am another week older and they say it’s suppose to get harder as you get older.  Except, I don’t know what it is and who “the who” are.  So out of respect to my already over-juiced mind grapes, I am moving on.  Although my ride home served as pretty solid reflection of my week.  Working backwards.  The top photo representing the end of the week.  As I left work, the storm clouds were very ominous almost like they are saying beware.  The little hole in the middle almost like a portal to the past, through the future.  Stay with me here. The black and white was at the end of the ride home, except it is in black and white so you really can’t see the difference in the skies.  Now take a look below.  The top left (let’s call it Thursday) was as I was getting on the highway to head home.  Clouds still gathering, twirling in a disdained harmony.  However, the clouds are to the East, which indicates the storm is showing signs of passing, providing some hope. The top right was halfway home (Wednesday) more breaks but those breaks would be filling in (but not the way I am going now. Below it, 2/3rds of the way (Tuesday) some bright blue, burning off the darkest colors, leaving only the lightest of grays.  The bottom photo, representing Monday, was just before the turn to home. The remaining storm clouds cleared out and as I made my way to the house on the other side of the mountain, all clouds were gone leaving only blue, sunny skies and any and all indications of the dark, gray week behind. Good thing as I am not about to dwell on it any longer. You can interpret/ look at it however you want. I’ll leave that to you.

Look What I Found

A Rescue Hero

16 Replies to “Storms Never Last”

  1. A black and white sky without clouds can be boring – yours most certainly isn’t that! I enjoy stormy weather (which is just as well, considering where I live) but I prefer to enjoy it through the window of a warm, dry room 😉

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  2. Great pics. Love the horses and open spaces and weird clouds! So cool.

    This week was exceptionally long, for some reason. I am calling it the transition to spring (along with the dreaded time change that occurred).

    I’m glad the storms pass. Waiting for one to pass now….

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      1. That song almost transcends a genre. I do like some old/meaningful/traditional country but some of the stuff today sounds more like pop music.

        Not that that is bad, it just seems like traditional country is over.

        I could listen to Gillian Welch & OCMS sing “The Weight” 10 times in a row.

        However I don’t guess that would be considered traditional country either.

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        1. Good point!! Couldn’t agree with you more. Except on traditional country. While I agree with it seeming like it the thing is, I think because of the pop infatuation it’s not as prominent but it is still so darn good. Just have to know where to look/listen.
          Not sure what’s traditional anymore either.


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