‘Tis The Season To Drive Herbie


Day 363 – December 29, 2018

Week 26 Photographic Review – Lens Artists / Six Word Saturday / Traditions – Weekly Prompts Photo / Temptation – FOWC / Abstract – RDP / Promising – WODC / Santa Clause – December Photo a Day / Day 29 – December Squares

We are quickly wrapping 2018 up and it just baffles me how fast it has flown.  I was going to do a photo review on the 31st, so I decided to use a photo from 2012 (at bottom) of this Santa I found, that rather creeped me out when I first saw it.  I was walking down a sidewalk when I got one of those “feelings” that I was being watched.  You know that feeling, when the hair on the back of your neck sits up just a little and you have what feels like a weight dragging behind whatever side that feeling is coming from.  Well I had that feeling and when I turned around, slowly, I caught a glimpse of him in the window, and I won’t lie, I may have jumped a little, and then had those heebie jeebie chills.  When I braved up to look one more time, because, well, temptation and you just have to, I realized who the Tom was.  And yes, I felt a little embarrassed but now I can laugh at it.  The ironic thing is, I’ll be damned if he is and has been, traditionally, in that same window every year.

We had some serious fog earlier and while I was out looking for a photo, I came across the VW bug and felt that the shot would be promising with the atmospheric mist as a background. And for those of you who remember the VW, well hope you enjoyed a little blast from the past.  And finally, in the photo below, I came across the lights that you see. I posted it because I just like it.  It is simple, no frills, no abstract decorations, just clean colorful lines.  Some times a little simplicity is more than enough.



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9 Replies to “‘Tis The Season To Drive Herbie”

  1. Wonderful #timesquare, I always wanted to travel in Herbie. You’ve taken me right back in time to when I first saw the movie 🙂

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year, and congratulations on 365 (well it will be when you read this!!)


  2. Back in 2010 I sat in a beetle in a car showroom. I believe that was the year the new version was discontinued. It cost a fortune but was luxury on wheels, the dash was die for, so classy.


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