Even Flow


Day 295 – October 22, 2018

River – VJ’s Weekly Challenge / Deadly – Manic Mondays 3 Way Prompt / Red – Photo For the Week / Giant – Pic And A Word Challenge / Drawer – FOWC / Lustre – RDP / Exasperated – WODC / Bench – October Photo A Day

Went to bed under a frost and freeze advisory, rain falling, and woke up to some clouds, 32 degrees and some icy patches.  Needless to say Fall has arrived, in case you weren’t sure.  Had some work being done on the house which caused me to take the girls out for a road trip to kill some time.  Fortunately I was able to see VJ’s challenge before I left.  I wasn’t really n the mood to travel to one of the three nearby rivers, I did go to a creek that is a tributary of the Potomac River.  I wasn’t really expecting the water to be running so high and fast.  Just looking at it, you could tell that the currents would be deadly.  The creek cuts through a park in another small town just a hop over the mountain.  The sun was just beginning to warm up the air and the shine cast an eye catching lustre off the water. I am really hoping for a good solid week of sun before this weekends storm arrives (he comments exasperated) and dumps, what is predicted to be, a boatload of rain. One of the weather models actually is calling for temperatures cold enough to drop some snow. Thinking I am going to have to open up my winter clothes drawer a month early.  I just want to see the tree colors peak before they are blown off, thus ruining one of the main reasons I live up here and look forward to every year. Just looked up Peak foliage for the area, and am relieved to see that it’s just starting with Peak expected to be middle of next week. So that’s a good thing. Don’t let your Tuesday suck. 😉

My song choice for Laura’s Manic Mondays 3 Way Prompt – Deadly  As a musical fan there is simply no way I could not choose this one.  If you know this song, which I am sure you do, this is a version that is a tad different from the original and includes some of the best current male musical voices. You won’t be disappointed :

3 of Many

My New Hobby


Smiles Everybody, Smiles

31 Replies to “Even Flow”

  1. Lovely photos. We were blessed with the fact that saw all colours this Fall. Though they are not as bright as years’ past. Crazy weather, upsetting nature. We had two flowering of some bushes and trees that don’t normally do that. Poor mother nature, we are screwing up our world. I loved reading your post and getting to know some of your sense of humour was refreshing.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable time reading and for the lovely feedback! It does mean so much. I can’t agree with you more. It’s no “coincidence” either. I’ve lived here 18 years and I have driven toward DC every weekday since moving here. 18 years ago the amount of traffic that on the stretch of hiway was so light if there was major roadwork you could drive right through without having to worry about backups. Now I feel like I’m on the highway right outside DC. It’s just crazy the number of people who moved up this far north. There isn’t really that many lots where people could build in the mountains here. And the biggest growth is happening in Gettysburg another 29 mins North. I guess my point is with this increase in traffic it’s no wonder Mother Nature struggles to heal. Sorry long response but you are so right.

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      1. I so understand what you are living. When I moved here 21 years ago the traffic road along side the river where I live was slow and quiet. Now it is a major through way that people use to go downtown. The noise and pollution at peak hour is sad.

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        1. Living in the mountains does have benefits as far as not having to live in it. In fact, the town where I lived (for my last 2 years in HS) is between me and DC. I have been back to visit a v very few amount of times, mainly because I don’t even recognize it. I literally could not find my old house until I was able to get a GPS. (yes, that long ago). I echo you sentiment – So Sad 😞

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          1. I am in Canada. The house I lived in as a teenager is no longer there. It is so weird, because all the other houses are there on that street except for the one where I lived. At my age, I don’t even like going into the city anymore. We do have everything here in the suburb. I don’t recognize the city, new buildings and it is all concrete. Poor mother earth is choking.

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    1. Oh stopppp! ☺️ You had it coming 😬 Hope you had a great weekend. 💕
      Have ? for you. Do you still dabble in tattooing? Have you done any on yourself? Silly ?’s but it’s for the book 😛


      1. Hahaha No, not at all. By the time I sold, I was burnt out. Not from the art but rather people. 90% of your customers can be simply wonderful but that other 10 will absolutely ruin life. Joy thieves. And, that’s literally in any business anywhere.
        I never did tattoo myself, I just went to other excellent artists for that.

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        1. I’m sorry if I’m prying. Or if you feel it’s not an appropriate question etc. Feel free to shut it down any time. Your story is so fascinating and intriguing. I wholeheartedly feel I could (and would) love to base an amazing character, in a play/movie script, very loosely, on you and your story.

          Joy thieves? Sounds like it’s a new chapter in the book 😉 I would love to see some of your work! 😁 I’m assuming you’re tatted up as well. How many and what is your favorite. (Pictures not necessary 💕) also I really hope you don’t think I’m being creepy, or crazy, 😮 If you’d rather not share as much openly public I would be happy to move the more personal stuff via email. Especially if you feel it’s better that it’s not on such a public forum. (I’ll prob delete this part of the reply when I see that you read it 💕)


          1. Not at all. You’d actually be surprised as most people would never guess that I had any unless I wanted you too.
            My first was on my fanny. I literally forget I have it. As with most as I never see them. Lol
            I have a kanji on my ankle that means ” dreamer”.
            On my hip, is the scripture ” I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine”
            Aside from that, is all my back as seen in…

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          2. Doesn’t surprise me at all! With mine, I feel/felt that if I was doing it for someone else, or just to show it off, then I wasn’t doing it for the right reasons. Mine are pretty personal to me. I don’t mind showing them, but like you, I tend to forget I have them. I love your choice of Kanji. That is pretty awesome. Yes! I remember I saw that. I submitted a response for that one! I remember thinking “how in the hell did you deal with the itching?” I have a full color Phoenix on my shoulder and that itched like a witch 😉. That couldn’t have been fun. (PS Thank you so much for sharing. and not blocking me 😂) 💕


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