Lazy Bones

Snow capped

What do you do when you just can’t seem to find the motivation to do, well just about anything. Now before you start thinking depression, I am not depressed. Just feels like a stalemate. Like I know getting up and just walking a quick trip around the block would do wonders. Especially when the dogs are staring at you like “c’ mon man, we’ve been cooped up here all day.” Or grabbing one of the many cameras just eager to get footage of just about anything. Come to think of it, wouldn’t even need to leave the house, just tend to one of the many tasks waiting for attention on the todo list. Here I sit, finally writing a post, after another 10 days (or so) of putting it off and still it feels almost like a chore even though there is a sweet sense of satisfaction once it’s posted. Just can’t seem to wrap my head around it. There has to be something to motivate oneself. And while I’m trying to figure it out, I’ll sit, rather lay on the couch binge watch Discovery plus, the latest Netflix craze ( just finished Bridgerton 😳) or sweep through a season of The Office again, my latest goto binge series.

It amazes me how many of you are continuing to churn out new and original daily posts. Some of you multiple times in a day. When I was doing my 365’s I was there with you, but for me that was more like a challenge, which made it easier for me to complete, while many of you seem to do it simply for the joy. So what is it? I get if it is a challenge and I could also understand if you do it for monetary reasons, but unless I’m missing that money boat (and if I am, someone please direct me to the nearest information dock) I don’t think a majority on here are doing it as a means of income. So what drives you? When there are no obligations otherwise, what inspires you to be active, motivate, or just plain avoid succumbing to the beauty of couch surfing and continue missing out on my real joie de vivre, which would be nice to find again. Not sure if these were rhetorical questions or if I am just trying to psychoanalyze myself, but if you have some insight to share I will not ignore it.

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  1. I have found writing a challenge lately. I still write everyday, but not necessarily on my blog. It’s not that I don’t want to, but finding the time and words has been a struggle. If my schedule allows, I still try to read some posts everyday and if I can’t, I don’t beat myself up for falling behind on that. We have to give ourselves some grace, these are difficult times!

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    1. So true. I have a real hard time trying to give myself some grace. Most of the time I don’t feel like I’ve earned it. But then I am the only one judging me so it makes it a little difficult to rationalize. Or find that neutral voice. Thank you for finding time to read me though! It means a lot. I am honored!! 💕

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  2. I’m with you on this. Blogging and reading has seemed like a chore lately. It has been hard to get back into the routine.
    I’ve never really understood why some people feel the need to churn out several posts per day. And then I feel guilty for not reading them all. But if I did that it would take up most of my day.

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    1. Oh I so agree with you. I know I have missed so many great posts but I also have found that in trying to catch up kind of contributes to my lack of desire as I get so overwhelmed. I e talked to some who admit they write a bunch ahead of time and then schedule them… but they still have to write them.

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      1. Up until Covid hit me, all our Weekly Prompts challenges were written ahead and placed on the schedule. Not so of late.

        Today I’ve written four weekend challenges in my effort to get ahead and be organised. But they are easy to do because once I’ve thought of a challenge all I need do is write a few lines and add to the template. Gerry tells me his ideas but tends to write his at the last minute.

        I’m not too fussy about Nan’s Farm, sometimes I write a few days ahead and at other times it’s on the day. 🙂

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  3. Ugh, I’m so guilty of this! I’ve been in a state of blah this last crazy year and really let my (writing self) go, so to speak. Just yesterday (?) Was my 3 yr blog-versary. I used to post all the time but was everything I wrote….really worth the read? Ya, not even close. Lol
    So why did I write so much even though I knew it wasn’t great writing, was simply an exercise in teaching myself the discipline of writing every day. then, I really wanted to concentrate on quality over quantity but… crazy covid year and somewhere in the midst, I just went into a state of lacking inspiration and guess what, lazy bones! 🤣 Yes, I’m so guilty.

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    1. Maybe that’s the obstacle I need to look at. Totally makes sense. Not having a challenge or prompt to post for, means I actually have to have my own content. And who wants to read what I am saying really, you know. When I read you, I am instantly connected and invested. Your posts, like so many of the others I have chose to follow, are so well written with heart and soul, I feel like I am experiencing it/connected with you. It’s a gift you have of that I am enamored. So when I think about what I blab on about, it feels, in a way, so empty in comparison. Of course, I know it was my goal not to take myself so serious with my writings. Rather I like focusing on relatable real life Levity which when your surfing on the couch all day is hard to make observations worth writing about. 😛 Congrats on year 3!!! I am still proud of being one of your firsts 😉 followers that is 😘


    1. It’s weird because I feel like I was more inspired to do when I did have a class full of kids. Ever since we’ve been out without kids, it’s just easier to put things off until “next time”.

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  4. I feel ya! I fight with lethargy and apathy on a daily basis. Partly it’s winter doldrums (it’s not just cold here in SD, it’s single digit highs aka freakin’ cold), partly it’s joint and muscle pain (dratted autoimmune disease), and partly it’s that I’m an introvert by nature. All that said, it’s a battle I wage on a daily basis. I find that music helps, bright bouncy upbeat stuff, usually accompanied by an excellent cup of coffee (well, long black actually). Blogging, right now is kind of limited to a quick challenge and maybe something extra. I haven’t been able to get my flash fiction mojo back since the covid debacle started. Hang in there dude, think of all those lovely grey skies and snow waiting to be transformed into super shots. 🙂

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    1. SD? I don’t know how you do it. Love the state but the cold? Pass. You are so sweet. Thank you for the bright outlook! I get all these ideas in my head but just lack that desire to pen them down. Music and coffee are my musts just to get my work day going 😬. I’m so sorry you have to deal with the joint pain. I know it’s not easy especially with the cold. I deal with neuropathy, a side effect of my chemo which causes my fear and hands to get ice cold at the first sign of lower temps. Doesn’t go well with shoveling or just playing with dogs in snow. I ended up getting those battery heated socks and gloves which help a bit. Crazy. Stay safe and warm!

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  5. Fun is the word I use to describe my blogging, plus the social side is rather special too. I too sometimes feel the need for a bit of a down time but I cannot sit and watch stuff all day. Luckily the weather here lets me get out do stuff around my place everyday.
    Hang in there the sunshine is always there somewhere behind the clouds for you Jason 🙂 🙂

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    1. Thank you Brian! I sincerely appreciate the encouragement. If it weren’t for the social side I don’t think I’d even be here. In a way I think maybe that’s what adds to the pressure I put on myself, which actually is a very positive thing. I know the Sun really does bring out more joy and fulfillment, but I do love my snow. I just think it’s the bitter cold I could do without. Give me shorts and a tshirt any day.


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