Take It to the Limit

No Room Left

I just noticed that it has already been almost 2 weeks since I posted last. Seriously. I swear it was like a couple of days ago. That has actually been the story of my year. I was talking to a colleague today about how fast this school year has flown by. And I mean like warp speed. I was theorizing that it had to have something to do with the fact that I don’t teach the entire day. And that I only see 1 class 2 days a week. I’m not sure but it really does bother me a bit.

That’s all about to change soon though. next week the system is requiring us to come in all day every day. And then mid Feb, kids are back. Even though we had an idea this was coming, it has caused a lot of anxiety with a lot of teachers. While I understand most of the sides, it does bother me that we have waited this long and now we are on the brink of getting the vaccine that it makes absolutely no sense that we are going back before we are vaccinated. Absolutely none. I have managed to secure an appointment next Friday to get my shot, and heaven willing I actually get it, but while I managed to score an appointment, the system, who told us they would handle it, has failed to move. Even more head shaking reason to be frustrated at it all.

There is nothing I want more than to be in front of actual kids again so I will do anything to make that happen but it still leaves a real bad taste in my mouth and how I look at the system. Yesterday to throw more salt on the gaping wounds the Governor makes a veiled threat of a statement to the tune of if teachers don’t report back by March 1st he will do whatever is legally necessary to see that someone else does. Including revoking a teachers certificate.

Teachers are not the bad guys here. We aren’t the ones who closed schools down in the first place. We aren’t the ones making the decision whether your kid comes or not. We simply do what we are told to the best of our abilities, and ultimately bear the brunt of the fallout when things don’t go well.

Thank you for letting me vent and if you read this far thanks for hanging in there. Feeling a little angsty today. But breathing much better. That and the vitamin D3 is also kicking in.

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  1. Hi Jason.

    My son Joss, also a teacher contracted Covid in mid December. He is in my bubble, and as bad luck would have it he was with me when he began showing symptoms. Four days later I began to show symptoms. He had flu-like aches and coughed for a few days. By the time his quarantine/isolation period was over he was feeling fine

    I became very poorly. Joss returned here and moved in to take care of me. On the day I was due to come out of isolation I was admitted to hospital. Now, six weeks later I am beginning to feel better, I’m still a bit breathless and the muscle pains have hung around and activities are limited but I no longer feel ill.

    The UK went into lockdown at start of January, Joss decided to stay on with me for the whole of lockdown. He teaches online from home. He would prefer to be in school.

    Over here the Vaccination invitations are sent out by the NHS family doctors in order of age and vulnerability. My area is super organised and has moved swiftly down the list; my vaccination is booked for a week on Monday. We are told to accept the vaccination even if we’ve had the disease.

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    1. Sue, I am so sorry that you have to deal with it. You are in my prayers and positive thoughts now (so you should get better much faster 😛😘) it is such an awful situation but at least it sounds like your distribution is very well organized, unlike the fiasco here. In fact, I was told yesterday, after I wrote my post, that there is a very good chance I will get turned away on the day of my appointment because the school system is taking care of teachers. It bothers me because while I was able to secure an appointment the system looks to be dragging it’s feet while pushing to reopen schools. So frustrating. And the optics are not good at all.
      We shall see. Please stay safe and healthy. So many positive vibes headed your way!!!

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      1. Oh. I hope you do not get turned away.

        When they first started vaccinating over here they had left overs from people who didn’t turn up, and because it was the Pfizer vaccine and not the Oxford one It couldn’t be stored so was thrown away! Since then All staff have been told that they must use up all vaccines. Now even someone accompanying a person can have it if there are spare ones, dispensing with the usual red tape just so it’s not wasted.

        Thank you Jason, hope all works out for you.

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  2. I’m in a public facing position with a high risk population and I’ve been exposed a fair number of times, once in December that was an extreme exposure.

    (A person I know was sick, but had a false negative so I wasn’t too worried about her incessant coughing and sore throat. Then she ended up in the hospital and yikes, POSITIVE!)

    All that to say, I’ve been on the Zelenko Protocol since around June, been exposed and have never gotten Covid.

    Not saying it couldn’t happen, or that it won’t, but I’m a believer in Qucertin, Zinc, D3.

    Lately I’ve added Tumeric, Vitamin K and B12.

    But still, the stress!
    I feel for you. 🤗

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    1. I’ve had you in my thoughts, prayer and positive vibes list from day 1 so am relieved to hear you have stayed healthy. My daughter, in the past 2 weeks tested positive, took the more advanced test which came back negative, continued to have symptoms including no taste and smell, then tested again 2 days later only for it to be positive. Doesn’t lead to much confidence, that’s for sure. I’ve never heard of Qucertin. I started the D3 a few weeks ago and at that time I also picked up a multi vitamin gummy so I have to see if it’s in there. I know I’ve got the K B12 and zinc in it. And I’m pretty sure Tumeric. Here’s hoping your vaccine comes soon!!

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    1. So true. I have said to my admin that if I ever get the sense that things are not as safe or protocols get glanced over I am going home immediately. No if’s and’s or buts. The risk is too great. But I do have to say, up until now I haven’t been too concerned going in. Then again 80% of the staff was not in and I was able to leave as soon as my class was over so it will be a change. Sooooo good to hear from you. I hope you are staying safe and healthy!!!

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