15 Feet of Pure White Snow

First snow

I love snow. Quite simple. It makes me happy. I think it is one thing that really does counteract the effects of the SAD I get in the winter months. When the kids were here I couldn’t wait to bundle them up and go out and create sled runs on our hills. But even with them gone, Anastasia, being her true Husky self, takes their place in the sense of getting bundled up and excited to get out in the white fluffy stuff. And it can be difficult to get her back inside once we get out. This is the first major snow with Gryffin, as well, which makes it even more exciting, and I am pleased to report and verify with pics, that he is a snow lover as well. It started falling around 10am, and has been falling ever since. I feel like we have around 6 – 8 inches, and we are expecting between 12-20 inches. We only had close to 6 inches all of last year and this is already the largest storm in the last 2 years, so I think that may explain why the last two winters hadn’t been my favorites. Of course, I am only 5 minutes away from constant snow all winter long, as the ski resort is just around the corner, so I can, and have, easily get a fix of the falling white stuff in a pinch. But there is nothing like the smell, sight and feel of the actual stuff, and the pure joy of just watching the dogs (and maybe me) roll around in it.

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  1. Weird year for us. Still haven’t had snow…to my dismay! You know I’m a weirdo who loves inclimate weather. Color me green, seeing so many delighting in the snow.
    As much as I love it, I confess I get the winter blues too. Helpful hints: go lay in a tanning bed every now & then. Even for short periods, It can boost the mood. My go to is D3. I but the gummy version as it’s easier on my tummy plus IT’S GUMMIES! LOL
    I take 5 a day until I begin to feel better (and you will suddenly) then drop to 2 day for maintenance.
    Hope it helps💕

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    1. D3? Don’t think I know that. Have one of those “mood lights”. Use it and I guess it helps. I just think I really hate getting to work when its dark and then when I leave the Sun is already going down or is down. That’s the depressing part because I do like being outside so much. But I do love my snow and well any storms so there you go, yet another “in common” with my Soul Sister 😛❤️. Turns out and it piled up another 3-4 inches late last night so I think we had about 11 total.I did a time lapse with my GoPro, so if I can get It together I will prob share it here (or on Insta!) I got to get out the snow blower again, which really makes me happy. I did a plow yesterday around 4… odd I know (men and their toys). The suns out today and its pretty amazing out. Stayed out with pups after blowing so now I, and they, am/are totally exhausted. Such a great feeling though. Guess I need to find a tanning bed close by 😛😎


      1. You can pick vitamin D3 almost anywhere but I get the Gummie ones at Walmart. It’s literally what we get from the sun and once the weather takes us inside during the colder months, we become deficient. A symptom of that is depression or usually called the winter blues.
        I would love so much for it to snow here! This is the first year that we haven’t already had several! I’d especially love it if it would next week for Christmas. Our granddaughters from San Antonio are coming for the holidays and have never seen real life snow!
        Wishing you the most wonderful holidays and joy to last throughout the year.

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        1. I will most def pick some up this week. Tell you the truth I’m really not looking forward to this holiday. Miss my kids and o just have no clue how I’m going to be able to maintain any sense of joy in an empty house. I don’t know Christmas any other way. Just really hope it’s not going to be as hard as I’ve imagined it will be.


  2. We only have about 4 inches here so far (near Philly) and I’m not sure we’re getting much more, but it’s nice to see. I wrote about it on my freelance writer self site here: http://www.taralynnjohnson.com/2020/12/16/savoring-a-snow-day/ It’s also snowing on my website there because it’s on wp.org. My DaisySmileyFace site can’t get snow unless I upgrade to business and I’m not gonna do that! I don’t think I’ll roll around in it, though. I’ll live vicariously through you and the doggies. 🙂

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    1. Ok so I tried to leave a comment on that site. Not sure if it went through. But we are soooo on point here. I think I yelled the same thing on that same day! But you should get out at least once. It does the soul good. I actually love walking on my street at night with the snow falling. It’s just such a cool atmosphere. I’m only like 21/2 hours west of you depending on how far from Philly you are. But they are calling for a whole new change over to snow again later tonight. I’m totally down. I may try and stay up for a bit. I’ll be more than happy to oblige with the doggies for you. Especially if I only have to teach virtually tomorrow. Really enjoyed your other site btw. I will def spend some not time reading that blog!!! 😘❄️☃️

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      1. All the comments there go into moderation, and I just approved yours so it’s there now! Thanks for commenting! I’ve recently returned to blogging there, too. I’m not sure what the goal or plan is, but I feel compelled to do it so I’m just going with it. YAY! Another snow lover! I’m surrounded by snow misers, you know. It’s nice to find someone else who loves it as much as I do! 🙂 I will get out in it I think after your suggestion here. It’s so bright out there right now… 2.5 hours west… hmmmm. I’m curious where you are — I lived out that way for a time as well. Enjoy the rest of the snow tonight and maybe tomorrow! Thanks for the compliment about the other site. I’ll be happy to see you there. 🙂

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          1. Yep! Lots of Monuments. But I do really like the town. Just fun to have it so close. Provides for some great photo ops if I am needing to get creative. I tend to spend most of my time in Frederick, MD, which is where I work, and play, mostly! That is one photogenic city.


          2. I don’t believe I’ve been there, but maybe when I was little. If there’s a fort or anything similar nearby, then definitely. We went to every historical site on the east coast for years. 🙂 I lived on the Susquehanna River in Lancaster County for a time (not hiding the town name from you, but from the Internet as a whole). Just looked at a map of these two towns you’ve mentioned. I see Gettysburg isn’t that far from Hanover. I had the weirdest job interview of my life in Hanover… I feel a post coming on now. Thanks for the reminder!

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          3. Yes I know about the hiding thing! Although, again if you go back far enough it’s not that difficult to find where I am. I know Hanover well too. Interesting town for sure. Not necessarily a Fort, just lots of buildings they used to fight in and around. I live close to Fort Ritchie, which is probably the closest official “Fort ” to me. I went there a lot to take photos.

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