Orange Colored Sky

Day 295 – October 22, 2019

Sunset – Tuesday Photo / Textures – Cee’s Fun Foto / Heady – FOWC / Butter – RDP / Glass – WODC / Day 22 – October Lined Squares

Wasn’t going to be able to get a sunset photo today, because it’s cloudy and rainy, so I had to dig in some past photos to get it.  I came across the one above from my Clemson trip and I really couldn’t believe I hadn’t posted it before.  I remember taking it.  As I was leaving the welcome gathering in the stadium, I snuck up to the very upper deck and took the shot of the sunset. looking out, it would be easy to become quite heady, like after a few glasses of wine. The first photo for textures, is a photo of may poor blue spruce, covered on one side with bag worms.  These things are a pain in the a$$.  I am so glad the temps are dropping at night now, hopefully it will take care of them before they can do too much damage.  Just can’t believe I didn’t see them before now?  Or maybe I did and though there were seed pods. Not that I would even know if Spruces grow pods.

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