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Day 282 – October 9, 2019

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School’s were out today (super convenient) so I had a chance to take care of some things I haven’t been able to do since school started.  I opted to get my eyes checked, and since I left both pairs of my glasses on the plane when I went to Clemson in July, my mistake taking them out of the bag, I have been in need of a new pair.  I am pretty chill about going to the eye doctor and I really like this store. It is bright, not shady, anything but tenebrous.  I do mind the eye glass selection part.  I suck at picking out glasses, and never have any clue what looks good on my face.  So I tend to grab an insurmountable amount of candidates and then solicit help from anyone and everyone in the place.  After a little over an hour and a half, selections were made and the order was complete.  Not a bad way to spend a day, let alone a birthday.  Which, no matter how hard I tried to keep it secret, my car made sure to remind me and those who could read it.


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