Lay Your Hands On Me


Day 276 – October 3, 2019

Hands – A Photo a Week / Kammie’s Oddball / Gourmand – FOWC / Scratch – RDP / Barely – WODC / Day 3 – Octobers Line Squares

I was going to do a food photo but that would be another post with food, making me look like the gourmand that I am.  I attached the Go Pro to a clip and set it to take a time lapse photos.  I am very careful when I do this as I don’t need to scratch up my car.  That is how I goAnywat this photo.  Not sure why.  Sometimes I like to just experiment, and play with settings.  I had just barely left school when this photo was taken.  It was a perfect shot for both photo a week and October lines.  Well, at least I think it is.  In case the one hand wasn’t enough, here are a couple of others 😛

 Look Who I Found

Final Countdown

6 Replies to “Lay Your Hands On Me”

    1. This challenge really pushes me. That’s why I like it so much. It’s easy in the beginning but then after day 10 or so it really makes me get creative. Frustrating but creative. And your comments are the best! 💕

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    1. I use the go pro a lot. I just don’t end up using most of the pics. I do have some great video though. It just takes up too much space. Ps. I meant to comment on a post. I just got the ninja foodi Grill. I absolutely love it. I pretty much use it every day. I never thought I’d use anything more than my cast iron, which I still use a lot. But this thing does everything. And the smokeless cooking is unbelievable. Why don’t you like the Teflon? It is so easy to clean and food never sticks? Just curious if I missed something.


      1. Hi – your new appliance sounds awesome – I have heard mixed things about Teflon but need to research more – and we currently are using a new air fryer from
        But think I like Ninja brand better –
        Anyhow – glad you like your grill and let’s chat about this more later because I know we both are very health conscious 😉

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