Time Of The Season


Day 266 – September 23, 2019

Smile – VJ’s Weekly / Cash – FOWC / Subtle – RDP / Knowledge – WODC

Not sure if this photo makes you smile or silently cry inside, but imagine my shock as I come around the corner of the Halloween goods to find this endcap subtley announcing  these early arrivals.  I swear it is getting earlier and earlier.  They can’t even wait until Halloween? It’s still 90 degrees out!  It even beat the Fall/Thanksgiving displays. I am not sure why.  Do they really make that large amount of cash that it’s that lucrative they need to start 3 + months out?  There must be someone with some knowledge out there that has the pulse on Christmas consumerism.  Or is it just greed?  Maybe they should just leave out all year long.  That would desensitize us enough, make it an everyday need. That would stop the madness.

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20 Replies to “Time Of The Season”

  1. Our local garden centre usually has the best Christmas displays, but every year in September they create a smaller Christmas display, I always get the feeling that this is last year’s leftover stock that they are trying to dispose of before the new stock arrives.

    We don’t have thanksgiving, but the Halloween displays are now in abundance, and shortly we’’ll have the fireworks on sale in preparation for the 5th November Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes Night)

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      1. A blast! Haha, that’s why celebrate! In 1605 a group of Catholic men plotted to blow up the Houses of Parliament with the intention of killing the King and his government. Guy Fawkes was discovered placing gunpowder underneath the English Houses of Parliament and the plot failed. On the 5th November each year we celebrate the failure; we light bonfires and have firework displays.

        A couple of years ago I wrote a blog about it, I might re-blog it in November.

        The way our government is behaving right now, someone might attempt the same thing before too long!

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  2. You know I was talking to an Assistant Manager at the local Walmart and he said they have no control over when it comes. Most of the stores have such a limited storage area when it hits the dock it goes out. Since I do a tremendous amount of bargain buying for the mission work I am involved with I have come to understand when the price pressures are greatest and can get the best deals on needed school supplies and such.

    This manager said he was called “Greedy” the other day and someone was griping about them putting it out and then she proceeded to fill her buggy with the same. We consumers are the problem. If we let it sit until Thanksgiving the sellers would run out of storage and have to put a halt to it. Our local Lowes had three dozen Christmas trees up, decorated and advertised two weeks ago!

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